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You can check your LESCO electricity bill just by sitting at your home now. LESCO provides us online bill checking service, online bill payment service and many other online services.

To check your bill, you just have to click the link below and enter your reference number

Click Here to Check LESCO Duplicate Bill

WAPDA ( Water And Power Development Authority ) was established by an act of 1958 in Pakistan’s  Parliament.

From 1958 to 2007, WAPDA’s purpose was just to coordinate and manage water and power sectors. But in October 2007, WAPDA was forked: WAPDA and PEPCO ( Pakistan Electric Power Company ).

WAPDA’s responsibility was for water and hydropower development and PEPCO was selected for the responsibility of thermal power generation, transmission, billing, and distribution.

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DISCO ( Distributive Company ) is a company under PEPCO and its responsibility is to distribute electricity in their respected areas.

DISCO buy the electricity from PEPCO and other private sectors who produce electricity at that time and sell it to respected areas.

Every company is controlled/owned by the Government except K-Electric.

List of companies which are under DISCO :

  1. LESCO ( Lahore Electricity Supply Company )
  2. FESCO ( Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company )
  3. HESCO ( Hyderabad Electricity Supply Company )
  4. GEPCO ( Gujranwala Electricity Supply Company )
  5. IESCO ( Islamabad Electricity Supply Company )
  6. SEPCO ( Sukkur Electricity Supply Company )
  7. PESCO ( Peshawar Electricity Supply Company )
  8. QESCO ( Quetta Electricity Supply Company )
  9. MEPCO ( Multan Electricity Supply Company )
  10. TESCO (Tribal Electric Supply Company )
  11. KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Company ) (privatized)


LESCO is a smaller unit or part of WAPDA, as we discussed above, it’s responsibility is to provide electricity at some restricted areas.

LESCO supply electricity to the following districts of Pakistan :

  • Lahore
  • Okara
  • Sheikhupura
  • Kasur

Distribution of bills by LESCO

LESCO has so many offices in the above districts, with the help of big staff, they almost always manage to distribute bills properly.

Before Online LESCO Bill Services

Sometimes some of the people didn’t get their bill at a time and they were not able to pay their bill at time. Before online service, it was difficult to submit a complaint or a request for new bill.

After Online LESCO Bill Services

After LESCO provide us online service it is easy to pay bills and to get a duplicate bill just by one click. If you lost your bill or you didn’t receive, there is nothing to worry about this problem.

How you get a duplicate bill?

You just have to visit the below website and click “customer bills”.

Click Here to Check LESCO Duplicate Bill

and then you enter your reference number (at the top left of your bill )and enter download or print.

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