LESCO Old Bill History – Get Previous Month Bill

If you are worried about the bill, you have lost, you didn’t receive or to get your old bill. There is nothing to worry because LESCO provides you with many services including LESCO old bill history. Vist the page below and get your old bill.

Click Here to Check LESCO Duplicate Bill

There are different ways by which you can get your lost or old bills.

Some are:

  • Reference Number
  • Customer ID
  • LESCO SMS Service Registration

LESCO Old Bill History

Let’s discuss all these methods one by one.

Reference Number

You can find your reference number at the top left of your bill. Now you don’t have to save your old bills just for a reference number for a long time, you just have to write your reference number and save it in your email or mobile.



How you get your old or lost bill through reference number

  • Visit “Lesco.gov.com”.
  • Select “CUSTOMER BILL”.

Add your reference number, download and print your bill.

Lesco Bill Paid History

Customer ID

Same process with this. Just you have to memorize or save your customer id to somewhere.

customer id of bill


How you get your old or lost bill through customer-id

  • Visit “ LESCO.gov.pk”.
  • Select “ Customer ID “.


Write your customer id and click the download button then you can print it.

LESCO SMS Service Registration

This service is offline, you can also check your LESCO status free of cost. Just follow the below steps :

  • Visit “ Lesco.gov.pk”.
  • Enter your customer id.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter your email and press SUBMIT.
lesco sms service
lesco sms

I hope this will help you to understand that how you can get your old or lost bills.

Before LESCO online service

bill line

Online services made our lives easy. But LESCO online services provide us with comfort and save our money and save  us from many difficulties, such as :

  • Standing in lines for hours just to submit a bill or get a duplicate bill.
  • Wasting money just to get the duplicate bill and many more.

After LESCO online service

Nowadays we don’t have to stand in line for hours just to pay our bill. We just have to open the app (which gives us this online bill submission service) and pay our bills without going anywhere.

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