Lesco Bill Check – Find Your Duplicate Lesco Bill

If you are here for lesco bill check no need to worry you are going to get the easiest way to check you lesco bill all you have to do is simply click the button below and check you Lesco bill.

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What is Lesco

lesco is a well know company of Pakistan which is working under government. Its task is to maintain the electricity in different cities of Punjab. The cities which come under lesco are Lahore, Sheikhupura, Kasur and Okara.

Lesco works under WAPDA and it was founded in 2001 before that it was known as Lahore Area Electricity Board. Whenever you are in need of a connection first you have to apply under lesco.

How to Check Lesco Bill


For checking lesco bill you will need a reference number or a customer ID. You can check your bill using both you have to fill them in the online forum and click get my bill. If you are not able to get your duplicate bill through reference number you can try customer id.

When To Get Duplicate Lesco Bill

You should get a duplicate bill when you are unable to get your monthly bill at your home. The number one reason people don’t get their lesco bill at the address because they are using the address which is not physically present. Some times the person who is distributing the bill mistakenly send it to any other place so you are most likely to not get the bill that month.

Lesco Dublicate Bill

Now in following cases what you should do is simply e visit lescobill.net and open the area where its saying get duplicate lesco bill simply put your reference number or your customer id and search if reference number didn’t work for you. check customer ID one of them should work.

once you are able to find your bill you can download that bill and use it for paying your bill.

How Lesco Bill is Calculated

Your lesco bill is calculated on the basis of the number of units you have used. The cost per unit differs from place to place if you are at a commercial area then 1 unit will cost you more if you are in the residential area then one unit will cost less.

billing price also depends upon the number of units you have used for example if you have used less than 100 units you will pay less per unit but when you will go forward and cross first hundred units next hundred units will cost you more and so on.

So what you should do is simply try to use fewer units. now what most people do they get two metres on one home if your home has two stories you should have two meters it will cost you less because you will be using 100 units on the first metre and hundred units on other metre and it will cost you less.

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