Lesco Bill Correction – Correct Your Bill Mistake

Lesco has offered another great feature to its customer. In this topic, we will discuss the Lesco bill correction. If you are Pakistani and have a connection with Lesco, you must surely have faced the issues for the correction of the bill. Sometimes it happens that arrears are added to your bill.

lesco bill correction

There might already be paid by you in the previous bills. In addition to this, there are certain other corrections that you might want to do if there is an error in the bill. These corrections may include Change in Tariff, Wrong Reference Number, Shifting of meter, or detection of the bill.

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For Lesco bill corrections, you have two options. The first option is to submit a complaint online and the second option is submitting a complaint to the office. In the coming section, we will discuss both of the bill corrections methods.

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Submitting an online complaint

Well, Lesco has offered an online complaint system for their precious customers. There are a few steps that you might need to follow to lodge a complaint online. First of all, open the website in your browser or simply click here.

The next step is to select your complaint type, and other information like customer reference number, customer meter number, customer name, customer address, customer contact, and the description of the complaint.

Once your credentials are filled now simply click the submit button and the correction process will be proceeded. The official may contact you for further information and feedback. In addition to this, your correction will be resolved accordingly.

Submitting complaint by hand

This is another method through which you can avail the lesco bill correction feature. In this, you have to visit to the office of the lesco for your specific division. You might need to take an old bill along with you for reference.

If there is an issue in your current bill, we suggest that do also take at least two months prior bill. This will help you to resolve your issue easily. In the Lesco office, you need to visit an official and lodge a complaint and you will be entertained accordingly.

lesco bill

How long does lesco bill correction take?

It entirely depends upon the type of complaint. You need to get the dairy number. Once the dairy number is received, you can track your complaint. On average it takes about 1 week for the correction. However, in some cases, the corrections can be done within 24 hours.

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