4 Essential Tips for New Homeowners

4 Essential Tips for New Homeowners

Buying a home can be very exciting. But let’s not forget the added stress that comes with settling into your new property. Depending on whether you got a brand new home constructed or you bought an old home from another party, there are a few steps that you must take to foolproof your new home.

Taking all the necessary actions today promises a more relaxed tomorrow. The last thing you’d want is to notice leaking pipes and an unreliable security system after you’ve moved in. Here are a few tips you might want to consider and act on before you move into your new house.

1.     Change the Locks

After you move to your new home, it is crucial that you change the old locks. You never know how many people have the key to your old home locks. This is especially important if your house had multiple owners in the past. So don’t waste time in securing your new place. Afterall, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you believe that changing all the locks in your new home is too much work, you can simply get them rekeyed.  Moreover, if your home has automatic locks then you might want to change the codes for added safety.

2.     Check the Water Line

If you’ve bought a house that’s more than 10 years old, then you’ll likely need to get the water line replaced. In fact, it’s better to opt for a new water line install before you make the actual move.

So, how exactly do you check if the water line requires replacement? There are a few symptoms that can help you get a better idea about the conditions of the pipes in your new home. Some of them include low water pressure and signs of debris in the water. Don’t waste time in contacting replacement experts if you believe these issues exist at your new place.

3.     Replace Any Damaged Slabs

One common issue new home owners have to face is broken slabs. Pouring money into new concrete can be undoubtedly expensive. This is where concrete lifting comes in. Also known as leveling and slabjacking, with this process it’s possible to lift concrete and return the slabs to a stable and even position.

Concrete lifting is much more affordable than demolishing and replacing old slabs completely. In most cases, slab replacement costs two to three times more than slabjacking. In addition to this, slab replacement is a time-consuming process that creates a lot of noise and dust, whereas concrete lifting is much cleaner and takes less time.

4.     Invest In Energy Efficient Upgrades

Affording energy bills in today’s day and time has become very difficult for homeowners. However, thanks to energy efficient options, it’s not possible to cut down on your utility bills. Some of the energy efficient approaches you can take include sealing air leaks and installing a programmable thermostat. Not only do these upgrades help increase the value of your home in the long term, but they are great for the environment as well.

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