Ufone Super Internet Package – Fast Internet Package

Since January 29th,2001 being third mobile operator company to enter Pakistani telecom market Ufone has always worked to provide the best facilities to its customers. Ufone has made its recognition through economic packages.

Ufone has the most economic packages for calling, internet, SMS and all in one service. And keeping in mind the psychology and demand of Pakistani users Ufone is introducing different types of packages for its customers.

Ufone Super Internet Package

You can find out the internet packages of Ufone having limits of one day, 7 days and monthly. For more economic packages Ufone introduced Day Time and Night Time Offers. These packages have a specific time duration in a day. It is mostly 8 or sometimes 10 hours.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone calls its weekly Internet Packages Super Internet Packages. These packages are for 7 days. Exactly after 7 days at the same time of subscription, your package will be expired.

The main theme of Ufone of offering these daily, weekly and monthly internet coverage is because Ufone wants to facilitate its customers in the best way possible. Moreover, Ufone wants its customers to stay connected online with the world easily. Which has become an important part of our daily routine.

Ufone is proving its pre-paid customers best 3G services through several 3G packages. Ufone has a few pre-paid weekly packages that Ufone is offering to its customers. You can see some of the weekly Internet Packages in the given table.

Ufone weekly light 250      —-      —-      —- 7 Days Rs.50 *7811#
Ufone weekly Pakistani 100     700      —-      —- 7 Days Rs.100 *8888#
Ufone Chappar Phar Offer 1000     100      —-     100 7 Days Rs.120 *5050#
Ufone weekly Heavy 500      —-      —-      —- 7 Days Rs.125 *220#
Ufone Super Internet 1024      —-      —-      —- 7 Days Rs.130 *220#
Ufone Weekly Super Internet 1200      —-      —-      —- 7 Days Rs.130 *220#
Ufone Weekly Internet Plus 6000      —-      —-      —- 7 Days Rs.175 *260#


To subscribe to these offers you can just dial the given numbers at the end of the table or you can also visit to Ufone’s official website or you’ve another option to visit any of easy load shop and ask the shopkeeper to subscribe you to your desired package.

Terms and Conditions:

Following terms and conditions should be completed to subscribe to any of this weekly internet offer:

  1. You must be a Ufone pre-paid customer. As these offers will not be eligible for any of post-paid customers.
  2. No internet coverage will be provided after full resources being used.
  3. This bucket of internet bundles is for those customers who have a 3G mobile phone. These packages will not entertain Ufone 2G customers.
  4. These packages will allow you to have multiple subscriptions.
  5. Last but the most important condition is that your SIM must be verified biometrically.

Ufone Super Internet Package

Are you a Ufone user? And you do not know which could be the best package Ufone has ever introduced? Well, Ufone has a lot of internet packages that are loved by its users. But still, there is one package that not only Ufone user but other network users also admire.

As we all know Ufone has always facilitated its user with the best bundles which were made by keeping in view the demand and requirement of our society. That’s why Ufone has introduced different packages having one, three, seven, thirty days and hourly validity.

Among all these packages Ufone Super Internet Package is considered to be a breakthrough in the field of Internet bundles. In this bundle, Ufone prepaid users are going to have high-speed 3G internet on their devices.

This internet costs low and provides a bundle of resources without compromising its High Speed that every user demands.

This package will give you 1.2 GB of unlimited data in just RS 130 with a validity of 7 days. This offer is especially for Ufone’s prepaid users and those users who are using 2G supported devices can also be accommodated through this offer.

Don’t know how to pay?

Ufone not only cares about providing you with maximum resources in minimum amount but also gives you the best options to pay for your bills.

Keeping in view the billing problems Ufone has provided you with the facility to go to any Ufone Customer Care Shop and ask him to load on your phone number later on you can dial subscription code on your phone and you’ll be subscribed to this package.

Or you can ask that person to subscribe you to this package and you’ll pay him for this offer. And lastly, you can just go to Ufone’s official website find your favourite internet offer like Super Internet Offer. There you’ll find a bar where you can enter your number.

You just need to enter your number here and press the subscribe button. You just need to have a load of RS 130, if you’re low on balance you won’t be subscribed to this package else you’ll be subscribed to this high-speed internet bucket.


Super Internet Offer

1.2 GB 7 DAYS *220# RS 130


Super internet can be subscribed by visiting any Ufone Customer Care Shop or can be Subscribed through Ufone’s official website. You’ll have a limited time of 7 Days for you unlimited data of 1.2 GBs. If you’ll consume your complete resources, you need to subscribe again to get entertained through this offer.

If you’re not subscribed to this offer the deduction will be according to the Tariff and Ufone is not to blame. What you need to do is to keep an eye on a number of resources remaining so you’ll be aware of your remaining data.

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions for this internet offer specified by Ufone are listed below:

  1. You need to be a prepaid customer. As this offer is for prepaid customers only. No postpaid customer will be entertained through this bundle.
  2. You can check the remaining resources of your bundle by dialling *706#.
  3. This offer is for 7 Days only. No one will be entertained after one’s bundle is expired.
  4. After consumption of full resources charges would be deducted according to the Tariff.
  5. This bucket is going to have maximum speed. Yet the speed of internet depends on a few factors that are your location, time, device, web pages accessed and a number of subscribers.
  6. This bundle is inclusive of taxes.
  7. The same bundle can’t be subscribed to again and again. You need to unsubscribe to the previous bundle first then you can subscribe again to the same bundle.
  8. If you forget the subscription code, you can also subscribe by dialling *3# on your phone.
  9. Finally, according to the notice by the Government of Pakistan, your number should be Biometrically verified. If not Ufone won’t entertain any customer through any package (neither prepaid not postpaid users.)

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