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The Portable Document Format or PDF has become one of the famous and valuable file formats in the online market due to its ease of providing the features where people can easily share the information from one place to another. However, people are interested in whether it is possible to use a reliable PDF file editor without any subscription or not? Since Reliable PDF Editor tools don’t come with a free option. Therefore, people have a lot of confusion and question about that.

But wait, UPDF- free PDF editor is a fantastic PDF Editor Tool platform that has been introduced for the people at no cost. Within the tool, you can use various features that will help edit PDF files without limitations. So today, we will discuss it in detail.

Key Features of the Free PDF Editor:

UPDF is a fantastic Free PDF Editor Tool platform where you can open a PDF file and edit its text or images depending upon your needs. Right now, UPDF is available in the form of a website along with applications. The people who are already aware of this PDF editor tool use it on Windows, Mac, and iOS. However, the platform is also available for Android users very soon.

The main thing you have to know about UPDF is the Features. So, let’s start talking about it in the below section.

Edit PDF Files

In the Edit Feature, you can add or remove the images and text in the PDF along with adding or deleting the images and text from the PDF.

UPDF allows you to easily cut, copy, and paste the list of Text information in the existing PDF file. With the PDF edit feature, you are good to change the essential Text properties such as typeface, font style, color, size, etc.

If you have any image installed on the device that you want to include in the PDF file, you can also do it with the help of the UPDF edit feature.  Learn how to edit a PDF file on Mac in detail.

Annotate PDF

The Annotate feature offers you the option to insert shapes, stamps, and comments into the PDF.

With the Comments option, you can add the sticky notes, strikeout, underline, and highlight options to the PDF Folder.

With Stamps, you can easily add up different types of Stamps in the PDF File.

With the Shapes option, you are good to include all types of Shapes in the PDF File, such as lines, arrows, ovals, rectangles, and many more. Meanwhile, you can also use the other properties in the shapes option, such as color, Thickness, etc.

View PDF

The View feature of UPDF allows you to view Text, Manage Bookmarking, Page layout options, and view multiple types of PDFs in Tabs Format.

  • In the Manage bookmarking, you can navigate the PDF files through bookmarks.
  • In the Find Text option, you can search for a specific text in the PDF files.
  • In-Page layout options, you can easily view the pages by adjusting the PDF according to the screen size.
  • In the Multiple PDFs in Tabs option, you will get Tabbed format on the screen to view multiple PDFs easily.

Organizing PDF Pages

With this feature, you are good to extract, re-arrange, or rotate the pages in a PDF file.

  • In the Extraction option, you can easily extract any of the pages from a PDF file.
  • You can turn the pages to either left or right with the help of the rotating option.
  • You can easily arrange the PDF pages with the help of the re-arrange option. With this, you can easily drag or drop the objects, texts, and images where ever you want.

Other Features

If you want to directly share the PDF with someone else that you have designed in the UPDF editor tool, you can easily send the PDF through email. Meanwhile, you can also print the PDF pages with the UPDF editor tool.

Pros and Cons of UPDF:


  • Easy to use.
  • Delightful and unique interface design.
  • Unlimited editing options.
  • Fully secure p
  • Save files without any need for watermarks.
  • Available for both Windows and Mac.


  • It does not support some advanced features yet, such as OCR and digital signature, etc.


The PDF file format has become very important for every person who wants to share information over the internet or devices. The PDF format provides different unique features and functionalities that make it competitive. Meanwhile, it offers a list of file converting options too.

Due to these reasons, people are very fond of editing PDF files and want to use a reliable editor. In general, the majority of reliable PDF editors come with paid subscriptions. However, UPDF is a fantastic PDF file editor with reliable features that you can usefully free without paying any monthly subscriptions.

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