What to Look for in Switching Subiaco Property Management Specialists

Are you disappointed with how your current property manager is handling your Subiaco, WA real estate? Then you need to take a proactive approach and switch to a new real estate agent. 

To avoid making the same mistake again, look for these qualities in your new Subiaco property management specialists

Vast Experience in Managing Properties

Of course, you’d want someone offering property management services for quite some time.

Having this experience means they can quickly identify value-adding aspects, improving your overall portfolio. 

That said, local knowledge is just as important. You need property managers who can immediately visit your residential and commercial property if need be. 

It’s also good to hire someone who’s an expert in your investment property. 

Remember: the nuances of residential property management are entirely different from commercial property management. 

Usage of Property Management Technology and Tools

Technology can make life easier. That’s why you need Subiaco property management experts proficient with the newest tools.

For example, specialists are using electronic leases for faster signing these days. This program can help your property manager make recommendations according to the data at hand. 

Likewise, having on-site services means real-time protection and maintenance of your real estate. 

Comprehensive Screening Process for Prospective Tenants

Owners are always on the lookout for quality tenants. But unlike Subiaco property managers, they can’t screen them as efficiently. 

As such, you need to hire a manager offering professional screening services. You’d want an agency that will refund your leasing fees should they need to evict the tenant. 

See to it that the team conducts background, reference, or credit checks beforehand. 

Low Tenant Turnover Rates

You don’t want your West Perth, WA real estate to be without a tenant. That means losing income on your part! 

So if you’re switching real estate agents, pay attention to their turnover rates. You need to ask how long renters last in their managed residential properties. You’d want a Subiaco property management team that can keep their tenants for a long time. 

Take the case of Investors’ Edge, whose personalised service keeps their clients staying for a minimum of three years. Likewise, they can find good tenants within 21 days—or your three-month management fees are free! 

Stringent Regular Inspections

It’s crucial to have a property manager who conducts thorough inspections. 

For one, it’s a way for you to avoid costly repairs. After all, a minor issue can become significant and expensive if left unattended. 

All in all, you need a team that checks the property’s cleanliness, the functionality of appliances, and other similar things. 

Strong Advertising Skills

The best way to get tenants for your West Perth, WA is to advertise your property.

So before you switch to a new management team, make sure to check their leasing advertisements first. 

Do they run a compelling advert copy with high-quality photos and videos? It’s essential to have these, for you want your property to be rented right away. 

Working Knowledge on Finance and Accounting

The best property managers are not only well-versed with the leasing service—they know a lot about finance and accounting as well.

This allows them to visualise the rental income of your Perth property easily. As a landlord, this will enable you to document your expenses for tax reporting and deductions. 

Transparency with Property Management Fees

As with any other business, you’d want to know what you’re paying and why you’re paying them. 

That said, you need a property manager transparent with the billing system. You want to be clear with the charges, percentages, and other fees. 

This transparency is crucial for it will help prevent misunderstandings and legal problems in the future. 

Exceptional Service

Even if your real estate is immaculately maintained, problems might happen along the way. That’s why you need a property management expert, for they can help rectify these issues right away. 


Whether you’re the owner or the tenant, you’d want a team that responds to your needs right away. 

If not, the minor problems in your Subiaco, WA property may end up blowing out of proportion.

Fortunately for you, Investors Edge promises to respond within the same business day. If not, they’ll pay you $100! 

Good Communication Skills

Since you’d be dealing with your Perth Property team regularly, you need a manager who possesses strong communication skills. 

For one, they need to talk to a variety of clients. Not only will they be communicating with the landlords, but they will also be contacting tenants and contractors. 

Property management is mainly about collaboration, so you want someone who can listen and deliver messages seamlessly. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re unhappy with the current service you receive for your Perth, WA estate, you need to make a switch. For best results, go for a team that possesses the qualities mentioned above. 

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