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Ufone made our life easy by giving us so many options. If you don’t have internet access you can get Ufone Net Package Code as you want to subscribe to the internet bundle or you want to check the remaining balance of your package then Ufone provides you with this code service.

  • Ufone can perform following operations through code:

Ufone Number Check Code

Now you can check your Ufone number without having balance or without having internet access.

Ufone sim no check code *780*3#
Ufone number code *1#
Balance required Nill


Ufone Balance Check Code

You can check your sim balance if you are prepaid users in just Rs 0.12 + tax by dialling *124#


Ufone Advance Code

Ufone provides you with this service so you can use this in your hard time. By dialling *446# you can get the loan of Rs 20 if your balance is less then Rs 11. You will be charged extra Rs 4.40 + 20 on the next recharge.


Ufone Internet Packages

It’s difficult to memorize all the codes, but we are providing you all codes so you can subscribe to any package by just dialling codes.

To subscribe     Daily Heavy Bucket           dial *8042#

To subscribe     Special Daily Bucket          dial *810#

To subscribe     Mega Internet Bucket      dial *5501#

To subscribe     Daily Light Bucket             dial *804#

To subscribe     3 day bucket                      dial*3350#

To subscribe     Weekly Light Bucket         dial *7811#

To Subscribe     Weekly Heavy Bundle      dial *7815#

To Subscribe     Monthly 1 GB Bucket       dial *7807#

To Subscribe     Monthly 3 GB Bucket       dial *803#

To Subscribe     Monthly 10 GB Bucket     dial *5100#


Ufone SMS Package

if you don’t know how to subscribe SMS bundle by code then see the below table.

Daily package Send sub to 605
Unlimited package 607
Yearly sms package 601
Uth daily sms package 612
Weekly sms package 608
Night package 609
45 day sms bundle 614
Uth sms FnF package 604


Social Media Bundle:

If you want to subscribe to just to social bundle then you are in right place.

To subscribe social daily bundle dial *4242#

To subscribe to social monthly bucket dial *5858#

Ufone provides so many options just to keep their customer happy. These packages are more affordable to every Ufone user and also cheaper than many other internet packages.


Ufone General Codes

you can check other general options by dialling the below code.

Bill inquiry *129#

Ufone provides all these codes so if you don’t have one option to perform some operation, you can choose the second one easily.

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