Ufone Internet Package 10 Gb – Best Package

Ufone has given a smart number of packages according to the needs of its users. Looking forward to the requirements of its customers Ufone has offered one of the best internet packages in the market to date. Ufone is offering a 3G package for its customer in which one can enjoy 10 GB of internet data.

Usually, telecommunication companies are offering internet package for a short time of 3 days or a week. But this time Ufone has set a trend in which you can enjoy 10 GB’s of high-speed 3G internet for 30 days.

Ufone knows that people want more data with more time limit and at less price. Keeping in view all these requirements, Ufone kept the price of this bundle very low so that everyone could have fast internet at a low price. Including all taxes, Ufone is demanding just rupee 1560 for this extraordinary package.

Ufone is the only telecom company in Pakistan who offers the same package for a 2G user. The same package is for 2G users as well. So no need to worry if you are not having a 3G device you can still enjoy the package on your 2G devices.

Ufone Internet Package 10 Gb

In Ufone 10 GB Internet package you’re going to have:

  1. 10 GB fast 3G internet for both 3G and 2G users.
  2. This package has a validity of 30 days which means your package will expire after 30 days exactly.
  3. This package costs RS 1560 which includes all kinds of taxes which means you are not going to pay even a single penny other than these 1560 rupees.
  4. To subscribe to this package, you need to dial *5100#.
  5. You can enjoy Facebook, Twitter, What’s app and line free of cost with this package.
  6. What’s app calls will be charged according to default mobile internet rate.


Every company has its own terms and conditions and so do Ufone. Following are some terms and conditions if you want to subscribe to this package:

  • Prepaid customers are eligible for every kind of buckets.
  • All prices are inclusive of Taxes.
  • Any kind of What’s app call will cost you MB’s from your data bucket resources.
  • Bucket subscriber’s speed depends on some factors like time, type of device, location of the subscriber, accessed web pages and a number of subscribers.
  • By dialling *706# you can check the remaining number of resources of your bundle.
  • Multiple subscribers are allowed for monthly packages.
  • Once data package is expired or no resources are left in bundle multiple sessions will be charged separately. So you need to keep an eye on expiry date and number of MB’s left in a bundle.
  • Every day at midnight 12 volume accumulator will reset automatically.
  • In the end, your SIM needs to be biometrically verified. If anyone is having a SIM card which is not biometrically verified one has visited any Ufone franchise and has to verify one’s SIM. According to the rules given by the government anyone who is not having a verified SIM will not be entertained at any cost.

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