How many different types of headlights for cars exist, and why do some blind you on the highway?

Driving at night can be a task for sure! Keeping in mind, it’s India; it’s no big deal if the street lights are not working in places and if not that there are people who flash high beams, blinding the way. It’s not the driver’s fault in this case, but a good driver always takes precautions from their side.

It’s imperative to check if the car’s headlight is working fine before you leave at night, and the most crucial thing is the headlights’ visibility. When one wants to replace their headlights, they buy the best lights for cars to ensure durability and best quality.

There are different types of headlights for cars:

1.    Halogen:

Halogen headlights are the most commonly used headlights for cars, provided they are not that efficient. In a halogen bulb, electricity is passed through a tungsten filament placed in a glass capsule filled with halogen gas. This gas is heat resistant, and therefore when electricity is passed, it glows. It is because of this that it emits yellow light and are considered the best light for cars. 

2.    LED:

LED headlights are very efficient and emit bright light. They work by flowing electricity through light-emitting diodes. Due to its simple mechanism and high technology, no head is ejected. It throws light up to 300 metres, can be used differently, and is available in different shapes.

3.    Laser:

Laser lights are the most advanced headlights and are the best in quality and expensive. The gas gets power because of lasers resulting in the emission of bright light. They throw light up to 600 metres on the road, and the visibility is better than any other one available in the market. This type of headlights is used in premium brand cars.

4.    Xenon or HID:

This type of light takes time to reach its brightness as it takes time for the bulb here to heat. Once they get heated, they emit a bush-white light. They usually are used in conjunction with another light to emit a high beam and brighten the road up to 200 to 250 metres.

Why do some lights cause blinding?

Since some headlights like the led one emit a hefty beam of light, and as per researchers, white and blue light affects people’s eyes more than any other one. Therefore, these can appear to be blinding when one is behind the wheel.

Buying Guide-

  • Size: Size is a significant factor when buying a headlight for one’s car because not all headlights fit every car. So, it’s advisable to check the product’s description to make sure it matches the car one desires to use it for.
  • Watt: It is important to check the wattage rating for any headlight bulb because the higher the wattage, the brighter the light emitted. One can choose the wattage according to the brightness they wish to have in their bulb. Usually, one goes for high wattage.
  • Energy Consumption: It is crucial to choose a headlight bulb that consumes less energy. Halogen bulbs consume a lot of energy, whereas LED and Xenon ones consume less energy.
  • Uses: It is important to ensure that the headlight one chooses for their car can withstand all the weather conditions and emit enough light to get a clear view during night driving because this is the main reason for buying a headlight for the car.

Important tips:

  • Installing in pairs is the way to go! Uneven light emission while driving can be dangerous and can distract the driver and the view of the road.
  • It is vital to keep the bulbs clean every time because even the best ones become dull if foggy or dirty.
  • It is advisable to wear gloves while installing a headlight because it heats up very fast, burning one’s hands. Hiring a professional can be an intelligent step also!


  1. Philips 12459SPC1 Rally H4 Headlight Head | Powerful headlight for car in India | 
  • Excellent visibility
  • Not exactly white light
  • It has a good output and throws off light
  1. Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs | Best car headlight bulbs in India | 
  • Great light throw
  • Easy to fit
  • It has a turbofan system, ensures temperature regulation
  •  Three-year warranty and a lifetime support guarantee
  1. VoRock8 LED Light: 
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Small in size but emits bright light
  • Easy to install
  1. Sirius LED headlight bulb | Best car headlights for night driving in India | 
  • Built-in fan to ensure coolness
  • Bright white light, wide field of illumination
  • Superior vision in darkness
  • One-year warranty
  • Plug and play installation
  1. AUXITO headlight bulb
  • High quality, reliable
  • It has an aluminium heat sink system
  • Extra-powerful light
  • Easy to fit, plugin system

Headlight is a significant feature of any car. During the nighttime, as already specified, a headlight must have a clear view of the road in front, or else it can lead to an accident. A good headlight also adds up to the look of the headlight. Choosing a good quality headlight is very important, or else it can have significant drawbacks and negative aspects in the long term for your car and can also be harmful and dangerous for life.

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