The importance of lengths in board sizes for Your Hardwood Flooring

Please take a look at our flooring compared with most high-quality North American hardwood flooring manufacturers and flooring suppliers. You’ll find that our average lengths of boards exceed industry norms by a significant amount. We purchased packages of flooring made from red oak at four of the biggest North American hardwood flooring manufacturers and found the average boards length for each to vary from 27 and 29 inches. The average length of the boards of our red oak is 48-54″. This is a significant variation. Longer lengths offer greater visual consistency and have a better look. Shorter boards appear rough. The reason we use longer lengths of boards is simple. We use better lumber. Before our beginnings in the manufacture of Hardwood Flooring Long Island, our primary company was to sell rough-dried kiln-dried lumber. Our customers included furniture, kitchen cabinets, and hardwood flooring companies. We were aware of the kind of lumber commonly used in which industry. The top and best (FAS) timber was employed to create moldings and trim since long clear boards were needed. The most common lumber was used to create kitchen cabinets, while 2-3 used lumbers used to create hardwood flooring. The hardwood flooring producers required cutting between the knots of the boards to make clear pieces, which gave them significantly shorter lengths. We make use of select and superior and standard lumber for our flooring. It has more minor knots to cut, making longer lengths. We knew the grade of lumber flooring companies used, as the flooring, we sold to them. We decided to differentiate us apart; we’d choose an upper grade that would allow us to have longer lengths.

Longboards are particularly important for broad plank flooring. The bigger these boards are, the more choppy floors with shorter lengths will appear. You might think that this would be common sense, but most of the wide plank flooring available come in 8-6 or even 4′ squares. The large plank flooring can be purchased in lengths from 6 to 10 feet, with an average length of 6 to 7 feet. These lengths provide an elegant, flowing appearance that one would think of from wide plank flooring that is rustic. Below to the left is a competitor-wide plank floor, and to the right is a Gaylord Large Plank Flooring. Are you noticing the differences in the length of the boards? If you’re shopping in the market for flooring made of hardwood, then you’ll be surprised to find that very few manufacturer are willing to disclose what their average lengths of boards are. Is this a sign that they’re doing something else? It’s your responsibility to discover. If you’re at an establishment that sells flooring and the salesperson cannot give you a precise estimate of the length of the typical board is, ask the salesperson to open a container to let you see the board for yourself. For more information about animated series, click to that would be the right place for you.

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