QESCO Bill Duplicate Online | Get Your Bill Print Now

You are in the right place if you need QESCO online bill services. Quetta Electricity Supply Company’s website will provide answers to all your queries.

Several facilities are available to users of Quetta Electric Supply Company. It is very convenient to check and pay bills online. There is no need to stand in lines of people waiting for their turn. Customers can make payments directly from the QESCO website and check the status of the bill. The company tries its best to satisfy the needs of the customers. The customer can look at the statement of the bill without disrupting the daily routine.

How can you check QESCO Online Bill?

Customer satisfaction is QESCO’s highest priority. Managing and paying for the account online is a great service that QESCO provides. The following steps can be followed by online customers to check statements. First, open your favourite web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc. After that, users can click on “Button check your bill now” on the lescobill.net site to appear. Click on the Submit button and type your connection’s reference number without spaces. Moreover, customers can check their connection type of the previous month and check their bill statement accordingly.

How to get a reference number?

The reference number is required to view your billing statement or obtain more information about the electric connection. Every connection is assigned with this 14 digit code by QESCO. The reference number must be provided by each end-user. Initially, you must know your connection’s reference number. To do so, find out your previous month’s bill which indicates the reference number in the upper right corner. Finally, you should obtain the reference number.

Printing QESCO Online Bill

Using the website, invoices may be printed online. Enter the reference number, enter the debit/credit card number, and click the submit button, and invoices are automatically generated. Additionally, users should open Internet Explorer or any other web browser they use. In the second step, select Pages from the file menu. From there, select the paper size, which is generally the size of A4 paper. OK button. After the printing command is created in most programs, press CTRL+P from the File menu. Finally, print the bill. If your printer is unavailable, then the PDF version can be used.

How to get a duplicate copy of qesco bill:

Solving customer problems and fulfilling the customers’ needs is a big plan for QESCO. Users can have a copy of their invoice printed by the company. When the hard copy of the bill is misplaced or lost for a particular reason, the customer needs this service. Details relating to your electric connection require the reference number. Nevertheless, just enter the reference number in the reference field, click on submit, and the QESCO duplicate bill will be printed or downloaded.

Payment methods for QESCO online bill

You can pay your bill easily from your home, workstation, or office with QESCO; you don’t need to go outside to do it. In order to do so, you should follow some simple steps. Several options are suggested to the customer regarding the payment method. With numerous deals offered on banks. com, Easypaisa, JazzCash and official websites, you can get numerous deals on your cell phone.

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