Lesco Bill Relief – Get Releaf on Your Electricity Bill

Lahore Electric Supply Company or LESCO is governmental machinery that provides electric city for commercial and residential areas. A monthly bill is charged from each customer based on the usage and consumption of electricity. The bills are in accordance with the units consumed.


With the increase in the unit, the price will also start to change. For example, for under 300 units, the price per unit is less, whereas, over 300 units the price is a little higher. The Government provides reliefs on the bills, which is based on the current situation. A relief is basically a discount or subsidy that the government offers to the customers. There are certain relief packages that the government provides to the customers of Lesco.

During the relief package, the government provides extra funds to the lesco. In return, the lesco charges will be decreased or certain facilities will be offered to the customers. These facilities provide reliefs to the customer. Especially during emergencies situations.

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Current Lesco bill relief

The world is surrounded by deadly Coronavirus, which is an acute respiratory virus. This deadly virus can be transmitted from person to person through physical contact. Due to Coronavirus, there is an international lockdown. The economy of the world is shifting toward the negative side.

Pakistan as a developing country is also affected by this virus severely. The economy of Pakistan is plunging down. The unemployment rate is increasing day by day. The government is trying to provide subsidies to citizens. They have also launched the Ehsaas program to provide help and assistance to the needy and poor.


Relief is also offered in the electric bills. In the current PM COVID relief, the customers are allowed to submit theirs in three instalments. However, if the consumption units are over 300, you cannot avail this relief. In this relief, the bill is divided into three parts. The customer needs to pay each instalment monthly.

In case if the customer can pay the whole bill one time. He or she must not avail the instalment and pay the whole bill instead.

In addition to this, the customers were also offered a relief in which the deadline was finished. The customers were not charged extra in case if the date of bill submission was exceeded.

Benefits of Relief

Lesco bill relief has a lot of benefits for poor people. It helps to provide them with relief in their earnings. In addition to this, they can also control their house expenses and next month bills. I would say that this is a good initiative by the Government of Pakistan.

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