How to make an invisible crib

According to statistics, 99% of all students use cheat sheets. The main task is to make a cheat sheet and be able to use it correctly. There are a few rules on how to make a cheat sheet correctly:

Collect only useful and difficult-to-remember information. It is not necessary to try to contain answers to all questions on a small piece, and only the basic: dates, formulas, surnames, etc.

Be sure to read the information from the cheat sheet – so that everything was written, and all the necessary information is collected.

If there are a lot of cheat sheets, it is best to make a small figure that will help you quickly navigate what and where it is written.

The text in the cheat sheet should be written in a structured way: with indents, and formatting in different fonts or colors for faster orientation.

But this is only half the job because you still need to use a cheat sheet. Before preparing a cheat sheet, you need to understand exactly where you will hide it so that the size of the paper exactly matches its storage location.

Students’ fantasies are inexhaustible, and for the exam, each new stream of students comes up with something new and original, but the “good old classics” as always, helped many students.

Where to hide the crib

  • Jacket pockets and trousers.
  • Apply a band-aid to the wrist.

You can make a cheat sheet on an elastic band – on one side we attach the paper to the tape, the tape to the rubber band, and tie the rubber band on the wrist. When approaching the teacher, the paper is simply released, and it is hidden under the cuffs due to the rubber band.

You can use a wide handle on which to attach strips of paper with scotch tape with the most important tips on the subject.

If you are allowed to use the calculator on the exam, you can glue a few cheat sheets on the back of the calculator cover. In general, try to buy a calculator, which has the function of a notebook – in this database, you can make a lot of useful information, and then calmly use it on the exam.

If you are allowed to bring your methodological literature, such as maps, atlases, or reference books, then the text written between the lines directly in the book will help you navigate and pass the test.

And, of course, do not forget about modern technology – phones, text messages, the Internet. And if the teacher is very strict and does not allow you to use phones, you can insert a headset in your ear and dial a friend who will simply dictate the answer you need. This method is especially good for girls with long hair and in the cold season when warm clothes will help to hide all the equipment.

Cribs can be used only when they are ready. If you do not have the time or ability to make your cheat sheets, you can always order them from the college paper writing service. All you have to do is read them to be “in the topic” and format them to the required size.

What to do if you are caught

Well, if the teacher still caught you, you should not listen to students who advise “eat a cheat sheet, the teacher still will not prove anything”, but calmly admit your mistake, and maybe even explain that it was just the minimum plan of the examination question. Don’t try to become a smarter teacher, at least directly on the exam.

If you are very busy – order answers to tickets, we will prepare answers to all exam questions, find the most relevant information and arrange everything in a convenient way to cut.

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