How to Create Stunning Intro Videos that Can Help You Grow Your Business: 5 Tips and Tricks

Time is money only for those who choose to command it. In the digital era, a video of even ten seconds carries the potential to revamp businesses. Probably that’s why 89% of video marketing professionals testify to having witnessed an excellent ROI with video. 79% of people have also revealed that engaging intro videos had persuaded them to buy a product, service, or software. 

Intro videos are an effective psychological tool for consumer engagement on any marketing platform. So, in a mere 2.7 seconds, you have to catch the attention of your scrolling audience and make them stop in their tracks. Using a professional intro maker can be your key to creating strategic videos to market your product and drum up engagement. Here are five tips we’ve compiled to create intro videos for your brand.

5 tips for creating compelling intro videos

  1. Plan your intro videos

Planning for those 2.7 seconds can tap into the attention span and influence the ideal viewers to engage and interact. Moreover, these numbers signify that in the fast-paced world, the shorter and more direct, the better it is. Therefore, intro videos carry a lot of significance. After all, they have the power to shape the business’s revenue. So, you need to tailor the video for potential target viewers. This preparation includes many perspectives like: 

  • The intent of the video
  • Storyline
  • Characters
  • Audience analysis
  • Color contrast
  • Background music etc.

Suppose you are a new player in the market. You have a product that solves your potential customers’ problems. Now, you need to strategize how to inform that section of the audience about your product. An ideal script contains the tone, content, and mode of the video.

  1. Check the nature and working of the marketing platform

Marketing platforms today offer far more than traditional newspapers or TV commercials. But the infinite ‘scrolling’ option on social media platforms has made the need for a professional intro maker more apparent.

But before you use it, you must understand the nature of the marketing platform. For example, LinkedIn is usually used for professional purposes, whereas Facebook is used for professional and personal objectives. 

Furthermore, check the working of such platforms. Instagram, for instance, has Reels, but Twitter doesn’t have any such video-specific feature. Also, study your potential audience on the platform in terms of age, gender, location, and social situation. These influence how they react and respond to anything on the internet. This initial analysis of the anchor platform will help you curate engaging intro videos. 

However, if you use it on your website, even pop-ups without sound can create an intriguing impression. In such cases, the content’s language and tone play an important role. 

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  1. Strong video editing game

You need to level up your video editing game for an engaging intro video. For that, you can choose a professional intro maker with an easy user interface and multiple premium tools and also saves your time to create videos easily.

Always use high-quality videos and shots in the video. Choose 480p or any higher resolution for the intro video to be visually appealing and convey the message clearly. If you are personally shooting the video, focus on the lighting placement. After all, your audience is likely to skip a dull video, especially one that requires additional focus even to understand. 

Moreover, add subtitles to your video to help connect viewers from different geographical locations. Not only are they convenient, but they also assist disabled people in understanding your product clearly.

You can go the extra mile by adding to the intensity and depth of the video with a music track. Select one that complements the intro video by considering the theme, the scene’s intensity, storyline, characters, etc. Even adding basic transitions helps in engaging the audience.

  1. Choose the content of the intro video diligently

Perhaps the most essential tip: give added thought to the content of the intro video. Making up stories with no relatable ground can be a big turn-off for your customers. Therefore, as important as creativity is, the intro video’s practicality needs more conscious thought. 

An intro video that presents a resonating social concept creates interest. For example, a business that sells healthy food can attract buyers if it calls for an eco-friendly lifestyle in its intro video. 

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that creating intro videos for businesses is playing with perspectives. It gives a more personal exploration to individual attention. For example, if you are making an intro video to sell an education course to engage students, you must begin with how the course will benefit them in the market in due time. For a business making wooden crafts, the intro video should demonstrate the benefits of choosing wooden art over others in the market. The content should portray how wooden crafts are aesthetic, albeit far more functional. After all, the consumer’s interest will hinge upon the product’s most bankable benefits.

However, let’s not forget that the growth of businesses depends on how well the consumer grasps the depth of your marketing. Therefore, avoid technical language as much as possible. Using it minimally and contextually is fine. However, presenting the entire thought in technical jargon might cost you engagement. 

  1. Mind the quality and flow of the ‘few seconds’

Let your intro video flow smoothly, rather than making it a random path. The practice of intro-content-conclusion is reasonable. The initial few seconds should connect with the audience. The intro video’s tone should reflect conviction to the idea. For example, a jewelry website’s intro video will appeal more if it shows how the product is made. Looking at the jewelry-making process can intrigue a serious buyer. Moreover, if the video then calls to support the workers, it lands better with the audience.

Mysterious or thought-provoking elements with an ending that pushes some action also work well. But whatever your storyline is, keep it straightforward. After all, the consumer can convince another only if they themselves have a clear understanding. Therefore, you must consider all these subjective aspects. 

Do’s and don’t for creating intro videos

Now that you know the main tips for creating intro videos, let’s look at some other crucial points. Here are some critical dos and don’ts to keep in mind while making an intro video:


  • Keep your intro videos clear and concise
  • Keep it simple, authentic, and attractive
  • Understand the social mentality when choosing the theme
  • Find the target audience and a suitable platform
  • Convey a suitable emotion
  • Present the personality of the brand for adequate engagement
  • Use professional tools for making intro videos


  • Compromise with the video quality
  • Add too many technical details
  • Make it too loud and sound
  • Use strictly opinionated content
  • Use a forceful tone 
  • Exceed the optimal limit of intro videos
  • Be complex or vague about the product in the video


Video marketing is like an unexplored universe. No matter how many ways you may know how to do something, there will still be multiple other ways to do it. On the other hand, you may need only minimal improvisations to your approach to start trending on social media platforms. Now that you know how to make engaging intro videos, it’s time to use these tips to create one. 

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