Here’s A Guide To Wearing Different Hats and Things You Need To Know About Them

Wearing a hat is an art, don’t you think? Wearing the right one with the right outfit can make someone look like they know what they’re doing. If you want to wear hats but don’t even know where to start, read this article and hopefully, it will guide you through the complicated mess of wearing hats.

Wearing hats is hard – or that’s what most people say. Wearing them in the wrong way can ruin your entire outfit while wearing one in the right way can make it look like you really know your stuff when it comes to fashion and style.

That being said, here are a few tips for all those who want to wear a hat but aren’t really sure how to do it properly:

  • Wearing a hat with the right kind of outfit is everything. Wearing a straw hat in winter will make you look like an idiot. Wearing a beret with shorts and flip-flops will also make you look like an idiot. Wearing your “Sunday best” cap to work on Monday morning will give everyone around you doubt about your sense of fashion and if you’re really as smart as they think you are – but that’s another story entirely. So yes, wearing hats is all about what you wear them with!
  • Make sure that the color of your hat goes well with the rest of your clothes. Wearing a yellow hat with a green? That’s not going to look very good. Wearing a black hat with a white outfit? Perfection!
  • Pay attention to the size of your hat. This one is especially important because if you wear a too-large hat, it will make your head look small and if you wear a too-small hat, it will make your head look big. Not a good look, either way.
  • Make sure that the shape of your hat goes well with the shape of your face. Round hats are great for round faces, while square hats are great for square faces and so on.

If you’re not sure what shape your face is, here’s a quick guide:

Round faces –

Try wearing hats with more curves and softer lines. Square hats and angular hats could make your face even longer and narrower. Wearing a rounded hat could balance that out well.

Long faces –

Wearing hats with height in the crown, such as fedoras or newsboys, will shorten up your face a bit. Wearing a very round hat can lengthen you again. Wearing a flat-topped cap will widen your head a little bit, which can be good if you’re looking for some extra width on your (long) face shape.

Triangular faces –

Wearing hats that are wider at the bottom than at the top will broaden you up nicely! Wider brims on flat caps look especially good here. Wider fedoras lend themselves pretty well to triangular faces too, but they also make them look smaller, so make sure you wear one with the right attitude! Wearing a too-small hat will make your head look tiny and in these cases, it’s better to skip out on the hat.

Wearing hats is a timeless tradition. Wearing the right hat at the right time is considered good taste and makes you look like a gentleman (or lady).

People Wearing Fedora Hat:

People wearing fedora hats are usually confident, know what they want and tend to be aggressive sometimes. Wearing this kind of hat means that you’re into whatever hobby or activity that requires this type of headgear. Example: Tennis players and cowboys wear Fedoras.

Woolen Hat:

Wearing a woolen hat typifies you as an outdoors kind of person who spends most of their free time camping or hunting in the woods. Most people wearing these kinds of hats may also have problems with visualizing three-dimensional things such as walls, corners, and the like.


Berets have been traditionally associated with intellectuals, artists, and people in the creative industries. Wearing a beret usually connotes that you’re into intellectual activities or pursuits.

Baseball Cap:

Baseball caps are the most popular type of headwear in the world right now. Wearing one usually means that you’re a fan of baseball (or some other sport), or that you just want to keep your head and hair protected from the sun and wind.

Cowboy Hat:

Cowboy’s hats are often worn by people who work on ranches or in other outdoor manual labor jobs. Wearing this kind of hat usually means that you’re tough, rugged, and physically active.


So, now you know a bit more about the different types of hats that are out there. Wearing the right hat at the right time can make you look like a gentleman (or lady). So, be sure to do your research and find out which hat is best for the occasion!

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