Electricity Unit Price In Pakistan

The price of electricity getting high day by day in Pakistan. From the start of the year till now there is a big gap between the price of electricity. If we talk about July the price of the basic tariff will be increased up to Rs4.34 per unit by NEPRA. According to NEPRA notification the price applicable on the users from 12Sep. And the price of electricity per unit was Rs. 20.41. After this, the prices once again raised up to Rs.3.50 in August, and in the month of August, the price was 23.91.

In the month of October, the price per unit was 24.82. In the month of October, the government also gives some relief to the Businessmen. And the govt fix the prices for the wholesale 21.1 (kWh) for the next six months from October. It is getting so hard for people to pay their bills and every month NEPRA rises the price of electricity. Like the increasing price of other things like fuel, the Government is also increasing the prices of electricity regularly. The government is trying to reduce the prices but is still unable to take action to decrease the prices. In the early months of 2022, the global prices of electricity were also high this is also the reason electricity prices are high in Pakistan. In case the situation will be unchanged in the upcoming years then there is a chance of electricity prices higher and lesco bill check by meter number.

The prices are higher as compared to the last few years and the reasons are increasing industries and more consumption of electricity on a daily basis and the current situation in Pakistan.

  • Shortage Of Supply.
  • Political Issues.
  • Covid-19

High demand is one of the big reasons for the high prices of electricity in Pakistan and still, the government is unable to solve the issue and meet the demand for supply. According to the survey in Pakistan 2021-2022, the capacity of generators reached 41,557 MW. The demand for the industrial and residential estate is 31,000 MW but the distribution capacity is still stopped at 22,000 MW. Recently in Karachi, the government increases the prices up to Rs.7 per unit. The people of Pakistan still not recover from the crisis of corona virus and now it is so hard for the people to pay their electricity bills.

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