A Quick Way To Get The Bill

This website brings you some of the most convenient and unconventional methods for checking your monthly PTCL bills for the month. The steps are hereunder for your convenience.

  • Click the link here on the page.
  • This link leads you to a landing page where all you need to select the service for which you want to know
  • The services this webpage offers for payment of your bill extend to the landline, broadband, and your EVO.
  • Now enter your PTCL telephone number
  • Then comes the personal account number from your bill
  • The personal account number is imprinted on the monthly bill for clearly viewing
  • Enter the month for which you want to know the bill
  • In the last push enter, and the bill is right in front of you
  • You can even print and download the bills as per your requirements
  • Further, you can even save your monthly bill in the form of pdf format.

How To Check Hesco Bill Calculation

Are you getting worried about your monthly HESCO bill?

Are you in search of a speedy way that allows you to check HESCO bill calculations?

And the question arises how to check HESCO bill calculation?

Here, we bring you the swiftest and convenient method for checking your Hesco online bill for the month. With these uncomplicated steps, you can have your HESCO bill calculations right in front of your eyes within no time.

Introduction to Hyderabad Electric Supply Company

HESCO is an acronym for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. Incorporated in the year 1998. Now it consists of 04 circles of operations. These circles are Hyderabad, Previously Nawabshah or Shaheed Benazir Abad, Larkana, and Mirpurkhas. HESCO is responsible for providing electricity, monthly bills, and the management of electricity.

HESCO has transformed its operations over the years. With this being said, HESCO now allows a lot of facilities that the citizen under the HESCO controlled areas enjoys.

How to Check HESCO Bill calculation?

HESCO facilitates its consumers by allowing them to check their monthly bills. And even further allowing them to print them in terms of duplicate bills. Suppose you are looking for the features of calculating your monthly bills of electricity for the month. Then you have to adopt an unconventional method that is described hereunder for your convenience.

HESCO Monthly Electricity Bills:

Now you have unlimited access to features of getting your bills for the month. All you need is the reference number and follow these steps for getting the bill for the month.

  • First, enter the reference number on the official website
  • This reference number is a 14 digit number imprinted on your monthly bill
  • Enter the area R for rural and U for Urban.
  • Click submit
  • Here is your bill. You can download, save and print it

Process for How To Check Hesco Bill Calculation:

Calculation of monthly electricity expense was a problem of past and not anymore. We https://myinfo.pk/. Brings you the unconditional and unconventional method for calculating your monthly HESCO electricity bill.  You need to select a few options and input a few digits, and with that you will be able to get the perfect results. The process of calculation of your monthly electricity bills is as follows.

  • Click on the link WEBSITE NAME
  • This page will take you to a landing page where you have to input a few things
  • Select the phase of meter you are having single-phase meter or three-phase meter
  • Select the connection type of your meter
  • Now enter the estimated number of units
  • Enter the rent of your meter. You can see this from your previous month’s HESCO electricity bill.
  • Further comes the service rent on your bills that you need to enter. And this amount you can also fetch from the previous month’s HESCO electricity bill.
  • In the end, put areas if there are any.
  • Now select the submit button and push it for the perfectly calculated HESCO bill for the month right in front of you.

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