6 Home Remedies to Relieve Period Pain

Menstruation is a part of every woman’s life that comes without any exception. Periods for different women are as different as women themselves are. For some of them, it’s completely a pain-free experience and for others, periods come with their fair share of periods of pain episodes. 

I am sure most of you have experienced this. Painful abdominal cramps, heavy blood flow and nausea add to your troubles. All of this can make these days miserable for you. Further, many women experience severe mood swings during this time. 

Painful Periods – Why is There So Much Hype?

Periods of pain generally depend upon individual health and how their bodies respond to the changing hormones. However, the severe period of pain sometimes could be an indicator of an underlying health problem. I can relate to a similar incident where my sister complained about severe period pain and we took her to a renowned gynecologist in Islamabad. After a series of laboratory testing and scans, she was diagnosed with PCOS and then doctors began to treat her accordingly. 

Don’t be afraid! Not every type of period pain is due to PCOS or serious medical illnesses. Sometimes, it is how your body decides to take it. There are many home remedies that can help you to deal with period pain. Want to know what can be of great help? Here are some of the best home remedies to relieve your period’s pain. 

How to Get Rid of Period Pain?

1- Apply Heat

How many times do you hear your parents and grandparents telling you about the benefits of heat application just to get rid of the painful period pain? I am sure most of us find this relatable. Heat application is quite an effective and instant period pain relief method. All you need is an external heating source and keeping it all over the painful area every time it hurts. Heat has a soothing impact and can relax your muscles which might be resulting in period cramps. 

Other than this, taking a hot shower is also a good idea to deal with period pain. Though in many cultures, it is prohibited to bathe for a few days but bathing is good for your menstrual hygiene and even good for periods of pain relief.

2- Herbal Teas

Green tea, chamomile tea and what else can count as a good option. These herbs are nature’s cure for the problem. These herbal teas are rich in antioxidants and can help soothe your muscles. Make sure every time your period pain gets worse, start sipping this herbal tea to remove toxins from your body. 

3- Oil Massages

No matter if you are suffering from a headache or muscle stretch, oil massages come as a favorable option. Massaging the painful area can help to relax your muscles and thus relieve the pain. Further, these oils have pain-relieving properties and massaging them onto the skin leads to their better absorption. You can choose any oil for massage and can see how it relieves the worst menstrual pain. 

4- Drink More Water

You may find it surprising but do you know that water can also help you with menstrual pain. Staying hydrated serves the purpose of keeping bloating away from you. Bloating and poor digestive function are some of the most common complaints about periods. So, make sure you are taking in enough water to help yourself through this time of the month.

5- Load your Diet with Anti-inflammatory Foods

Inflammation can make periods worse for you. Inflammation can be difficult to fight but no wonder anti-inflammatory foods can surely be a great help here. You can load your diet with some of the best anti-inflammatory foods. Some of the best anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet include ginger, flax seeds, eggs and much more. These additions can surely help you to deal with the inflammation and can lessen the severity of period pain.

6- Medicines or Supplements

When it comes to period pain relief, over the counter medications come as a great help. NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are known to relieve the period’s pain and these medications particularly work well by fighting off the inflammation. Further, vitamin C supplement is also helpful to regulate the menstrual flow and make the period’s pain manageable. 

Bottom Line!

All these home remedies can help to relieve period pain to a greater extent. However, if nothing seems to improve the severity of pain, it is better to consult a gynecologist to identify the underlying cause of the problem and treat you accordingly. 

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