Why it’s useful to open case in CSGO

Counter-Strike – Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter game about the confrontation between police and terrorists. The release took place on August 21, 2012. The developer Valve added different cases to the game Counter-Strike to increase its popularity in 2013. Let’s talk about the specifics of in-game things and what to do if you have many such items in a collection.

The definition of cases

The project KNIFEX offers to open different types of cases. Container Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an item of inventory that contains a specific set of skins, ranging from cheap useless things to rare and expensive knives. After opening the case, the user randomly receives one skin from the list. Each case has seven blue skins, five purple ones, three pink ones, and two red ones. Each color matches a separate class of items; blue skins are the most common, while red ones are rare.

Besides, there is a bonus yellow skin called Rare Special Item. It’s always an original knife in CSGO. Knives are one of the most valuable items in the game.

Where you can find cases

There are several ways how to get different cases:

l  Take part in the game actively. If the user prefers to play on secure VAC services, he can receive one or even two cases per week. Containers usually drop out at the end of matches.

l  Special missions. People, who want to get weapons cases, must complete different tasks.

l  Watch matches and broadcasts. Some gamers receive points for watching matches and broadcasts and then exchange them for cases.

l  Buy or exchange. Players can exchange cases or buy them on particular sites. Read the analytics before buying or selling a case. It’s important to know when the last item transaction took place and how the case price changed.

Unlike cases, the keys do not simply fall out.

What are keys

If someone wants to open the digital case, he must have the digital key. Some exclusive cases open with a unique key. Fortunately, users don’t have to guess which keys are for which cases; this information is announced at the time of purchase.

The price of each key is $2.5. Some gamers think this cost is too high because there is always a risk to get a skin that costs only $0.10 in return. But if today is their lucky day, these expenses will pay off many times.

Whether you win or lose in the case openings, remember that even cheap skins look better than the basic weapon variant. You still look better than a player without skins.

The price of rare skins is several thousand dollars if you are lucky enough to find them. For example, you can sell a rifle skin AWP Dragon Lore in new factory condition for 1500 dollars. The key and case are disposable items; they disappear after opening.

Weapon, harvest, class, and steam cases are an essential part of the CS GO economy. They appeared in 2013 and since have been very popular. Company Valve often presents new cases, allowing her to keep the customer demand high. Not all skins are equally attractive in the CSGO Universe. If you have a few needless cases, you can always sell them.

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