The windshield is one of the most important components of a car as it ensures the security and comfort of the passengers. Because it undergoes constant stress caused by the environment, it is only logical that it may encounter some damages and problems as time progresses.

A major issue is that the damage might have originated from poor quality windshields installed during the purchase of the car. Therefore, it is essential that one buys new, used or refurbished cars from trusted car dealers like carmonkey.in.

Cracks in the windshield might occur due to contact with heavy winds, poor road condition, rain, dust, rocks, debris, other particles in the surroundings and accidents. Small cracks are issues that every car owner might face. But if they are not fixed in time, they might result in a bigger hassle putting the passengers in danger.

To help with this, given below is a list of reasons that might cause damage to the windshield and ways to avoid them.

Reasons Why Windshields Crack

1.    Poor-quality glass and improper installation

The window shields installed in modern cars are designed to ensure maximum protection to the vehicle and the passengers at all times. To prevent breakage during impact, they have an additional layer of polyvinyl butyral that provides strength to the glass.

However, when cars a refurbished poorly by unreliable vendors, they can result in the windshields being of poor quality, which might not have the strength and endurance to withstand the harsh environments. Additionally, if they are not installed properly, this could lead to vibrations and cracks caused due to misplacement and gaps in the windshield. It is always recommended to buy refurbished cars from trusted dealers.

2.    Temperature changes

Research shows that changes in the temperature can result in the glass expanding and contracting, leading to the windshield heating up. This happens inconsistently as the edges heat up faster than the middle, causing different windshield parts to expand and contract at different rates leading to cracks.

Cracks could also occur due to sunlight when a car is washed using cold water on a hot day or on defrosting the windshield using a heater or hot water.

3.    Pressure changes and mechanical stresses

Heavy rains, winds or weights hitting the windshield can exert stress on it, which it might not be able to bear. Continuous exposure to such pressure could lead to the windshield developing a crack, seemingly out of nowhere. Cracks caused by stress usually begin from the edge and might go unnoticeable. Cracks caused by impact typically originate in the middle of the windshield and can be avoided if one is careful around the car. Mechanical stress like distortions or body flex can cause cracks too. One needs to ensure that they properly use the carjacks while servicing the vehicle.

4.    Prior accidents and damages

A prior accident can cause stress on the internal structure of the car. The windshield provides structural integrity to the car, and the poor strength due to the accident might lead to cracks developing on it.

This is more likely if the car is not repaired correctly or refurbished after the accident. The poor structure could result in cracks when the car is driven fast or over a speed bump exerting uneven forces of the glass. If the damages are not repaired correctly, the small cracks could develop into bigger ones over time.

How to Avoid Cracks on the Windshield?

Although one cannot prevent windshields from cracking due to unforeseen circumstances, a certain amount of care and caution could go a long way to ensure safety. When buying a new or a used, refurbished car, ensure that the quality of the windshield is up to the mark and has been installed well.

Rugged roads, gravel from speeding cars, hailstorms, dust storms, sudden speeding and brakes could also potentially harm the windshield, so the driver must be careful and avoid them.

As mentioned before, changes in the temperature cause the glass to crack. Therefore, car owners must ensure that they park their cars in the shade and out of sunlight as much as possible. While washing the car, they need to ensure that the temperature of the water balances that of the vehicle.

They must not use excessive heat or AC when the temperature is opposite outside the car. It is essential to clean the windshield frequently to guard them against moisture and dust and look for any damage signs. Even if there is a small chip or a crack, they need to be repaired immediately.

Car safety and maintenance are integral parts of owning a car, and trusted dealers like carmonkey.in ensure that one gets the best quality ones.


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