What Is The Easiest Country To Get Citizenship?

 You know that getting citizenship in any other country is not so easy. Even though people have tried for years, they never get citizenship in their dream country. As every country has its requirements and policies, and that’s why not everyone from different countries gets citizenship by investment. But even after all the conditions and procedures, some countries are still providing citizenship to other countries’ citizens efficiently. Additionally, this article will help determine what is the easiest country to get citizenship?

Types of citizenship:

Citizenships have different types, and, you can be a citizen of any country due to the many reasons mentioned below.

  • Birthplace: 

That’s not common because not every country provides nationality of the country where you are born. But most countries do that. So, wherever you are born and if according to that country’s rules they allow you to grant citizenship of their country, you can become a citizen of that country after your birth, and that country has become your nationality. 

  • Through Naturalization: 

If you move into another country for any reason and want to become a citizen, you can do it through a process. Such as marrying there, and it’s a way fast procedure to get the nationality of that country through your spouse’s nationality.

  • Through Descent: 

Also, sometimes you can inherit nationality because your ancestors and parents belong to that country. Even if you’ve never been to that country still, you can be a citizen of it.

Through Investment: If you want to be a citizen of any desired country and you’re wealthy. So you use your wealth by investing in your selected country’s economy. That’s how they’ll grant you a nationality of that country.

Countries that grant citizenship readily by birth:

Many countries give nationality to those born in Canada, the United States of America, Uruguay, Mexico, Fiji, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, Panama, Argentina, and Barbados.

Even if you’ve never been to that country, many countries give nationalities, such as Italy, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Armenia, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Lithuania, and Germany.

Countries that grant citizenship readily by Investment:

There are plenty of countries that grant the nationality of their government even if you never belong to that country in any way. But still, you can become a citizen of those countries through Investment if you want to be a citizen of any of the mentioned countries so you can invest in their economy. Antigua and Barbuda CBI, Malta CBI, Vanuatu CBI, St Kitts, and Nevis CBI.

Countries that grant citizenship readily by Naturalization:

Naturalization is one of the best and easiest ways to get citizenship in your country. You can marry a person who is a citizen of your desired country. That’s how you can become a dual passport holder. The countries that grant nationality by Naturalization are Argentina, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Serbia, Poland, Ecuador, Albania, Belgium, Chile, Australia, Barbados, Honduras, and many but each country requires different policies even in the case of Naturalization.


Now you know that what is the easiest country to get citizenship? Many countries do provide nationalities for their different reasons. Also, every country has some specific requirements for the procedure. But if you’re looking to be a citizen of any country immediately, you should choose a spouse from that county. 

That’s how you’ll be able to get citizenship with the help of your spouse’s nationality. Your spouse’s citizenship period should be according to their country’s laws. Some countries require your spouse’s citizenship for two years, some for three years, or some for four years. It all depends on the country’s requirements.


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