Animation is an art, and art never disappoints. If you want to know the movie that you can enjoy with someone, then don’t worry. There are hundreds of animated movies available that are worth watching with your loved one, and that will make your day. 

Best anime movies:

As you already know, now thousands of animated movies การ์ตูนมาใหม่ have been released, but in this list, here are some of the movies worth watching that won’t waste your time. Let’s see What Is A Good Anime Movie To Watch With Someone?

  • Grave of the fireflies:

This movie relies on a short story of brothers and sisters trying to survive during and after the world war. This way is one of the best movies that you can enjoy with your sibling.

  • Perfect blue:

It got its first release in 1997. This movie is for those who love to watch something animated but thriller and full of suspense. If you want to enjoy any anime movie with your friend, then it’s the best one. It will give you goosebumps.

  • The girl who leaped through time:

This movie got its release in 2006, and no one doesn’t like to watch time travel. Yes, this anime movie composes time travel, and you can consider this movie adventurous, so it’s also good to each with someone.

  • Howl’s moving castle:

Almost everyone knows about the story where the heroine turns into a nine-year-old woman due to the curse. This anime movie relies on one of the best novels released in 2004 and is the best for fantasy lovers. You can watch this movie with your partner as well. It will be fun.

  • The anthem of the heart:

If you watch this movie with your child or with the one who is dead, you and the other person will feel extremely good. It is about a girl who could not speak properly, and somehow she became a pro at music in her school. This beautiful anime movie got its release in 2015.

  • Your name:

This movie is worth watching with your partner. This movie is the complete package of love, fantasy, and romance. This movie is the story of two lovers who will get together for the rest of their lives even after the breakup. This anime movie got its release in 2016.

  • A silent voice:

This movie relies on a kid who is up to suicide and goes to a bridge to jump for that purpose. He’s a boy you have tired of bullying due to his deaf. You can watch this movie for those who are tired of bullying or anyhow going through this condition. This anime movie will motivate them. It got its release in 2016.

  • Tokyo Godfathers:

This anime movie got its release in 2003. This story relies on three homeless people finding a boy somewhere and then discovering the child’s parents. The story of this anime movie is kind of emotional. It is one of the bomb anime movies to watch with those who bring you into this world. Yes, your parents.

  • Whisper of the heart:

This movie is one you can watch with your partners or lovers. This movie is the story of a girl named Shizuku who loves to read books, and in the end, she will find her dream boy Seiji too. This movie got its release in 1995.


There are thousands of more animated movies worth watching, and anyone can watch with their partners, lovers, children, siblings, parents. Shortly, all the anime movies are kind of famous and popular. And animation quality of every movie is up to Mark. Now you know that What Is A Good Anime Movie To Watch With Someone!

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