Top Truck Camper Brands

Although you may not see truck campers as often in RV parks as you would with traditional fifth-wheels or travel trailers, these RVs that can be loaded onto a pickup are very popular with tens to thousands of people across the country. Truck campers are often purchased by RVers who like to travel off the beaten track.

Dustin Johns, president, and CEO of Travel Lite Inc. of New Paris, Indiana, stated that there is freedom in not having any baggage behind you. People with truck campers have the freedom to go where they want. There are no restrictions.

The Perks of a Truck Camper

According to Mark Hovanec (marketing director at Lance Camper Manufacturing Inc., Lancaster, California), other attributes are also available for truck campers. You can also take your camper off while you are camping so you can do errands. Unloading the camper is still a chore. This works best if you are staying in one place for several days. You can also tow your quads, bikes, or boat behind the truck. You can also choose from a high-end truck or something more practical.

Manufacturers of truck campers have come up with many ways to make their vehicles more comfortable. The enormous boxes measure approximately 12 feet in length and are about 18 feet from stem to stern.

To increase living space, some have up to four standards (albeit small) slide-outs. Four-Wheel Campers from Woodland, California, has designed a roof that drops vertically to about 10-12 inches above its truck cab to reduce drag and fuel consumption.

Truck campers are very popular in the Western States, where they can be parked next to wilderness streams or lakes on U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management properties. Doug Karr, Northwood Manufacturing Inc.’s national training manager, stated that the Northwest has many more mountains than open areas. “With a truck camper, you can go back on the backroads. Your camper can travel with the truck wherever it goes.

Most truck camper manufacturers offer four-season packages, which are not available on all models. They include heated and enclosed tanks and extra insulation.

Here are some of the most well-known brands for truck campers.

ALP/Adventurer LP

Adventurer LP is based in Yakima, Washington. The company makes four models: the Adventurer, Eagle Cap, and Overlander.

Bigfoot Industries

Bigfoot Industries, British Columbia, Canada, offers two truck camper models: the 1500 and 2500. There are two models in the Bigfoot model camper series: one 8-footer and one 9-footer. They can be used for extended- or short-bed pickups. Bigfoot truck campers are built marine-style, with top and bottom molded fiberglass shells. This eliminates heat transfer. Bigfoot campers can be used for four seasons with heat-and-enclosed tanks, double-pane skylights, double-pane windows, and ducted furnaces.

Four-wheel pop-up campers

Four-Wheel campers for Four Wheel trucks from Four Wheel Pop Up Campers of Woodland (California) have excellent aerodynamics thanks to a roof that lowers by 30 inches. The truck’s cover is 10 inches lower than the truck’s roof when it’s in use. This is possible thanks to articulated lifts equipped with spring-loaded piano hinges, which raise and lower tightly fitted tent-like upper panels. Four-Wheel campers are made from welded aluminum frames and can be used for slide-ins, flatbeds, and toppers. For more information about fashion, click to fubar news that would be the right place for you.

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