LESCO Bill Calculator – Calculate Your Bill Yourself

Lesco Bill Calculator

If you are worried about getting an idea how can you calculate your LESCO bill? No need to worry. At the end of this page, you will get LESCO Bill Calculator simply use that and calculate your lesco bill. You can also read below steps to find out how it’s done.

In order to calculate Lesco bill one should be familiar with few terms that are associated with “Lesco bill eliminator”.  There are nine major steps to perform during calculations which are as follows.


At first, you should know what your bill type is. If you’re not familiar with bill type check TARIFF in your bill and you will figure out your bill type i.e. A1 (01), A1(03). There are majorly 11 different types of Tariff which are distributed as Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and General services.


In this, you’ve to figure out whether you have a Single Phase or a Three Phase connection.


Now, you’ve to add the number of units that you’ve used which can be in three units

  1. Kilowatt Hour (KWH)
  2. Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours (KVARH)
  3. Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI)

Moreover, there are two fields of units which are PEAK and OFF-PEAK you need to identify both of them in order to get accuracy in your calculations.


You’ll add up your meter rent only if it’s applicable on your “TARIFF”.


Same is for service rent if it’s applicable on your plan that you have to provide how much you’ve to pay for your services.


Enter areas in the field.


Here you have to add up the number of TV sets that are currently functioning on your LESCO connection.

You’ve to perform an additional step that would be checking or on-checking below options:

  1. STRN Available
  2. Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  3. ED Exempt
  4. GST Exempt
  5. IT Exempt
  6. ETax Exempt
  7. Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry


Finally, after adding all of the mentioned information into Lesco bill calculator just hit on the press button and it’ll result in the estimated amount of your bill.

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LESCO New Connection – Apply For New Connection

lesco bill connection

Are you worried about how you get LESCO new connection? There is nothing to worry! Follow the simple steps and you are done.

Applying For New Connection

  • Visit the website enc.com.pk
  • Click “Apply new connection” (at the top-left table).
  • You will see a form, fill it.
  • Print out the application form and attach all the documents (written below) with form, and send it to your nearest LESCO office to apply for a new LESCO connection.

Procedure after submission of application form

When the office verified your documents. You will get a demand notice. Simply pay that demand notice. One thing you should keep in mind. If any of the document or given information in the application form is not according to their instructions, the application will be rejected.

Then you have to pay the demand notice in the given bank (mentioned in demand notice) and send its paid copy to the LESCO office. When your payment is verified, LESCO will install a new connection at your house.

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Click Here to Check LESCO Duplicate Bill

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LESCO Duplicate Bill – Get Your Lost Bill

Lesco Dublicate Bill

LESCO is making it’s billing system easier day by day. Among so many benefits that LESCO has provided us there is an option for duplicate bills.

If you’ve lost your bill or the postman has failed to deliver the bill at the correct location and that you have no document to pay. This website is where you can browse and get your duplicate bill without paying any kind of extra amount.

Just click the button given below and fill the required information to get your LESCO duplicate bill.

Click Here to Check LESCO Duplicate Bill

Procedure To Generate LESCO Duplicate Bill

Only thing that you need to do is to visit page through the button above, there you need to enter your REFERANCE NUMBER and then press “ENTER” to proceed. System will automatically generate your latest month bill by using your reference number.

Just print out the copy of bill and your duplicate bill will be accepted at any LESCO bill receiving agents. Such as Commercial Banks, NADRA e-Sahulat, OMNI shops, Easy paisa etc.

Give Your Suggestions

As you know that LESCO is always working to improve their services so on their WEB PORTAL. if you have any query or you have faced any problem you can just submit your Feedback. so that LESCO would know their errors and would try to improve their services, so that next time you would have a better experience with LESCO.

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