SARMS | Are SARMs Steroid Substitutes?

No matter how many times this topic is mentioned, no one gives you a short and clear explanation of what exactly SARMs are. When I read what is written in forums or “Official” sites, I am even more confused…

The whole name of SARMs is quite long and difficult to pronounce, Selective Modulators of Androgen Receptors. If you read it, of course after you say to yourself “what is it * and this is it” you will understand what do SARMs, namely, they have a specific effect on androgen receptors in the body, thus causing the body to build large amounts of muscle mass and / or burn your adipose tissue using it as your main source of energy.

This happens in an extremely short period of time with visible results in the first 7 to 30 days, depending on the SARM you will use. The main idea of ​​SARMs is to replace steroids in hormone therapy, due to the lack of strong side effects that you can expect from steroids.

A little more about Androgen Receptors, 100% of you have heard someone in the room say that a lot of “chemistry” can clog your receptors, and no matter how much chemistry you take, nothing will happen, it’s just about Androgen Receptors …

In short, the more receptors you have, the more predisposed you are to build muscle mass, or in other words you have a “GEN”. This also explains why when you “bite” some people have great success and others not so much, it all depends on the number of androgen receptors you have.

Why SARMs have become so popular?

SARMs have been on the market recently, but they are not completely new… Already during the Olympic Games, 2008 athletes tested positive for two of the most popular SARMs on the market, Ostarine MK2866 and Andarine S4.

You may be wondering why these athletes have used the Best SARMs Over the Counter and the answer will be quite simple. Athletes are looking for ways to be faster, healthier and stronger than their competitors, and in order to be the best they need something that gives them an advantage and is not easily detected in a doping test, here come the SARMs.

You can look at SARMs as “designer steroids” because they are designed to have all the positives of steroids without their side effects. This makes them so attractive to everyone, not just professional athletes and bodybuilders.

The lack of strong side effects makes SARMs a very desirable sports supplement for normal people who want to get in good physical shape quickly and keep what they have achieved even after stopping SARMs. This is one of the other reasons why SARMs are so popular, what is achieved with them is easily preserved and, unlike steroids, the accumulated muscle mass does not disappear when you stop taking it.

SARMS | SARMs on Steroids

As already mentioned, SARMs work in almost the same way as steroids, but then what makes them so different, and how come they don’t have these strong side effects that you can get from steroids?

The method by which SARMs work is specific, ie they affect only the tissues in which you want to cause growth and improvement, namely, muscle tissue and strengthening of bone structure. Steroids, on the other hand, also give you this advantage, with the small detail that they both stimulate growth and change in muscle tissue and affect secondary organs.

The most commonly affected organs by steroids are the testicles, they shrink and therefore stop producing testosterone because the body receives enough from an external source (steroids).

The worst thing in this case is never to regain normal production of your own testosterone and, accordingly, in order to feel and function normally, you must undergo hormone therapy for the rest of your life. Other organs that can be damaged are the liver due to the high toxicity of steroids. Also, the prostate and heart can enlarge, making cancer more likely.

SARMs do NOT affect minor organs, but they can also reduce the production of your own testosterone when taken more, because their effect is so similar that the body simply takes them for testosterone and reduces production, but never stops it completely. Therefore, no therapy is required after a cycle of SARMs, but rest is still desirable.

Many health experts and pro bodybuilders recommend using testosterone booster supplements to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Testosterone boosters contain 100% natural ingredients that boost your testosterone production and help maintain optimal testosterone levels.

1) SARMs | Are SARMs as Strong as Steroids?

The short answer is NO.

SARMs have the POTENTIAL of steroids, i.e. they act in a similar way with similar results, but if we have to compare them they have 70% of the potency of steroids, which is very impressive due to the fact that they exclude side effects that can be caused by chemistry…

2) SARMs | SARMs Combination with Steroids?

Yes, SARMs can be used in combination with steroids, in 2 dances:

During post-cycle therapy. The most popular SARM for restoring and maintaining the maximum amount of muscle mass that you have gained during your cycle is Ostarine MK2866. Suitable for the recovery period of 6 to 8 weeks, as it does not suppress testosterone levels and at the same time has a very similar reaction that you can expect from testosterone. In this way, it mimics its action and allows you to maintain the accumulated muscle mass while restoring your own testosterone production to normal levels.

with steroids SARMs that do not have as high hormonal activity as are used Cardarine GW501516 and Ibutamoren MK677 (provided that you do not use synthetic growth hormone) . The reason we do not recommend other SARMs with steroids is that their action is very similar and the effects overlap, that is, if you take another type of SARM with steroids, the effect will be lost along with the wasted money. Cardarin and Ibutamoren, on the other hand, would enhance the effects of steroids and help you achieve greater results.

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