How much does cat food cost in Dubai?

How much does cat food cost in Dubai

Pets, as charming as they are, need a significant time and financial investment. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing their quality of life.

Street cats and dogs subsist by eating from dumpsters and scavenging for food wherever they may find it. They make do without immunizations, comfortable toys, or nutritious meals. Pampered pets, on the other hand, have their own set of needs and expectations that will inevitably impact your money. Before bringing a furry buddy home, prospective pet owners should evaluate the numerous continuing costs, just as they would with any significant purchase.

It’s always vital to consider the cost of owning a cat, no matter what stage you’re in—whether you’re just starting your search, visiting shelters, or picking up your new feline buddy. Every pet owner should have money set aside to give their four-legged pals the best life possible. But how much do you truly require? Let’s take a closer look – first on cat food/meal basics and then on cat food costs:

Frequency and Timing of Your Cat’s Meals

You don’t have to be a cat expert to know how to properly feed your feline companion. Cats can be fed in an acceptable manner if we understand a few essential concepts and characteristics.

As creatures of habit, cats have a tendency to repeat themselves. Setting up a regular food plan and adhering to it can help us reap the benefits of this reality.

Routinely feeding an adult cat creates a sense of stability and predictability. The day revolves around meals, making them the focus of the day. Changes in the household might be stressful for your cat, but a feeding schedule can help (e.g., a child moves away to college, a new baby arrives, or a vacation during which a house-sitter is in charge).

It’s easier to make a meal shift when you have a feeding regimen in place. For cats, eating at the same times each day becomes a habit and their bodies have become accustomed to this routine. It’s amazing what a powerful motivator hunger can be! Transitioning to a new food is much easier if the stage is prepared for increased hunger followed by frequent meals.

Just like humans, cats have a straightforward digestive system. Having a simple stomach, cats are able to eat a lot of food and then go to the small intestine within a few hours. An empty stomach sends messages to the brain that cause a hunger reaction after 8 to 10 hours. That’s why you should feed your cat twice a day at the very least. Imagine if you just had one meal a day, and that was your only meal of the day!

It’s important to feed your cat on a regular schedule so that its body can prepare for the food it will get. It’s not a good idea to leave food in the dish all the time and let your dog graze on it.

It’s possible that a change in eating habits is an indication of something more serious. When cats eat at the same time every day, the habit is firmly established. It’s easy to tell if someone has finished their meal just by looking at them. Leaving food on the plate, whether it’s all or part of the meal, is a clear sign that something is amiss and that it’s time to see a vet.

Buy Cat food Dubai

One of your key obligations as a pet owner is to make sure your cat is enjoying the appropriate nutrients from the right foods, but unfortunately, there are some brands out there that just don’t offer what your cat needs.

Cats like wet food, but it’s vital to remember that dry food should always be your cat’s main meal. Mixing them together or serving them individually on a daily basis is an excellent method to ensure that your cat is getting what they require for good digestion and the proper amount of fluids.

So How much does cat food cost in Dubai?

The amount of food your pet consumes each month and how often you change the food may be used to determine the cost per month. Food for cats may cost up to $50 per month for most pets unless they are on an expensive gourmet or special diet, which can cost hundreds of dollars per month. The average monthly cost of treats is estimated at $10-50.

The price of cat food ranges from $10 to $40, while the price of cat treats is $10 to $50. Depending on how generous you are, pet treats might be one of the most expensive monthly costs for pet owners.

We hope these estimates and recommendations help you develop a working monthly budget for pet care expenses for your best buddy. When you know how much money you’re spending and how to make the best decisions for your pet’s well-being, it’s exciting.



Pets are a great addition to the family, especially dogs. They give their owners nothing but unconditional love and support. At the end of a stressful workday, one kiss from a dog can make it all go away. Taking care of a dog is really a challenging task due to the various steps. From toilet training to feeding them rich natural dog food, it takes a lot of dedication. But all the hard work is worth it since the end goal is a well-trained, healthy pup and a life-long companion.

Feeding the dog the right kind of nutritious food is essential. It is not only for its physical health but also its overall well being. A well-balanced diet containing all-organic vegetables and meat is a factor all owners should consider. Several pet food brands offer natural ingredients in their product composition. Brands like Meals for Mutts sell a variety of dog meals that contain natural and fresh ingredients. The many advantages of feeding the pup dense and nutrient-rich food will be explained in the section to come.

Why dog owners must invest in high-quality natural food for their pups:

  • Skin allergies and rash reduction: A dog’s skin is overly sensitive. Their fur acts as a protection layer to their skin. Feeding them natural dog food helps avoid unwanted rashes and skin allergies otherwise occurring with synthetic ingredients. Artificial preservatives like BHA (Butylated hydroxyanisole) found in most pet foods cause skin diseases. Premium pet food brands produce the best organic meals to prevent unwanted rashes and balding of their fur in patches. It is always better to test the product by feeding the dog a small portion of food and waiting for a day. If the dog is not violently scratching itself, the food is deemed safe for consumption. Otherwise, immediately stop feeding them the food. Natural foods do not cause any side effects. Hence, they make the perfect choice for dogs and puppies.
  • Better digestion and bowel movement: Most dogs are sensitive to certain ingredients in pet food. They can experience timely diarrhoea and sometimes constipation. It is a clear sign of poor gut health as their meals might lack proteins and other necessary nutrients. Some pups have an underlying illness related to their digestive system and require clean and natural dog food. Investing in good brands like Meals for Mutts for example, will allow dogs to feel their absolute best after consuming their yummy food. This small investment can bring a vast difference to their digestive system. They experience periodic excretion, essential to remove toxins and roughage from their bodies.
  • Stronger immunity and health: A clean and organic meal plan can benefit their long-term well-being even if the pup is extremely healthy with no digestive or skin ailments. Many marketing gimmicks trick customers into investing in their dog food and later regretting their decision. It is crucial to thoroughly research the various pet meal brands or consult a vet. Do not blindly purchase the product simply because the packaging says “nutrition-dense”. Premium pet food brands make some of the best natural and fresh meals for dogs. The overall well-being and immunity of the pup are increased by feeding them clean and nutrient-packed food. The immune system is actually linked with the digestive system in all living beings, including a dog. It is hence essential to feed them easy to digest foods. It absorbs faster into their body to keep them healthy. A well-fed dog is a happy dog.

How It Is to Have a Munchkin Cat as a Pet and How to Do Better

The world has changed drastically during 2020, and COVID-19 as well as the quarantine applied all around the world made social interactions much more special (and rare) than they were before.

For that reason, a lot of people started to adopt pets to deal with their loneliness and depression, and it has been scientifically proven that pets do indeed aid us during these hard times since they provide a high level of company that is very personal and efficient at making us happier.

Now, cats are among the most popular animals to adopt as pets, and there’s a reason for that. Along with dogs, they are probably the easiest animals to manage, while also being very present in today’s society.

Still, there are a lot of features and factors deciding the actual personality of the cat and how it reacts to its new environment, and the overall level of maintenance required to make it a very happy pet. One of those factors is, of course, its breed.

In this article, we will talk about how it is to be a first-time cat owner, how to properly engage the adventure, as well as a very specific breed known as the Munchkin cat, one of the most popular indoor cats out there. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, but you don’t know how it might go, this article is definitely for you!

First of All, Be Responsible About It! 

Being responsible is necessary, and I would dare to say that it is one of your duties as a pet owner. If you decide to adopt a cat, you have to be responsible for its needs, its wellbeing, and its happiness. If you are not willing to be responsible, you should never even consider adopting a pet, regardless of the type of animal, breed, age, and size!

This is especially important in today’s society since there’s was an uprise in adopted animals that were returned to their shelters just because a certain level of freedom was granted because of the vaccine being applied. People just didn’t want to be responsible for their animals anymore after knowing that they could engage in social activities, even if they were limited…

This is very sad, so if you are thinking of adopting a cat, please, make sure to be their family until the very end! Also, if you are thinking of adopting a single cat, understand that most the adopted animals tend to suffer from separation anxiety, as showcased over here. If you are commonly outside of your house, this can be a problem, so if your adopted cat suffers from separation anxiety, you might want to get another one to help both manage it better!

What to Be Ready For

Generally speaking, cats are much more independent than dogs, so it is easy for first-time cat owners to manage most of the aspects involved in owning them.

They are also very low maintenance since they don’t require to go outside to do their things, don’t require as much exercise, don’t actually need sunlight to receive vitamin D, can groom themselves, and can be easily trained to use litterboxes. Contrary to most dogs, cats might not require as much social interaction, but this depends heavily on each cat.

Still, you should be ready to own all the necessary amenities involved in the process of owning a cat. For example, cats need to have litter boxes, dry and wet food, brushes, playing grounds, toys, specific shampoos for their type of fur, a towel for when you decide to bathe them, and a collar and leash. These can be pretty affordable, so you won’t have to spend a huge deal of money to get them.

Besides that, you should also be ready to manage their diet, since overweight is known for affecting a lot of indoor cats. That is why they need a certain level of exercise, to avoid becoming overweight and also reduce the chances of suffering from diseases linked to overweight.

If you are interested in more information about the general things you should worry about, visit

The Munchkin Cat Breed

Now, believe it or not, a cat’s personality, behavior, overall level of energy, and preference for an outdoor or indoor environment, if often heavily influenced by its breed. Some specifics breed like the Sphynx cat also need some special consideration when it comes to their care and needs, so choosing the right breed for you is definitely worth it.

When it comes to breeds, we have indoor breeds (which are known for being sociable, non-aggressive, calm and with lower levels of energy) and outdoor breeds (usually very predatory cats with lots of energy and strong instincts)

The Munchkin cat enters the first category. It is very playful and sociable, although it has a somewhat low or intermediate level of energy. It is also known for having very short legs, which is the reason why they are recommended for indoors since they can get dirty very easily because of their legs.

Also, because of their short legs, they don’t have a very representative jumping power, so you might want to prepare your house’s layout for them so they can move around the house without problems.

They can be very healthy but might have some problems with their metabolism. Also, the Munchkin cat lifespan is similar to other cats. They might also require more socialization than other cats, so you should make sure to provide them with attention from time to time. Ideally speaking, a munchkin cat should an animal partner to play with to avoid getting them depressed.