How To Simplify Your Online Teaching

Learning online can be overwhelming for most learners. This is mostly because they are not habituated with it. Also, online learners can be of any age- it can be a four-year-old kid or a sixty-year-old lady. A grown adult has to juggle many responsibilities- work, family and other commitments. They already have a lot to manage every day and therefore, most of them find online learning frustrating and complicated and overwhelming. This way, the learners will not be able to focus on the class and hence, the chances of them missing the classes frequently or dropping out of the class is higher. And, providing support to such learners is not easy. Also, most of the time teachers are overwhelmed. Online teaching through mobile or any other medium demands a lot of effort and hard work from the teachers.

However, there is one thing that can be done to counter this situation- simplify your online teaching. When the system and the process of teaching are simplified, it silences the chaotic minds of your and your learners. Explaining everything in easy and simple terms should be a priority. Also, make sure to use the best app for online teaching to add to the simple and easy learning process.

How can this simplicity be achieved?

Here are some ways:

1. Provide Proper Instructions

Providing proper guidance or a quick tour of your website or your app to the learners makes the process easy. Surely, there might be some students who might not require it and will be confident enough on using it on their own but then, there might be many who need guidance and direction. Therefore, it is always a good idea to provide key instructions to them so that they know how the website or the app functions, where to track progress and where to submit assignments, etc.

2. Clear Communication

Make sure that whatever you say is understood in the same way that you want them to understand. You would obviously not want to have a communication gap with your learners. This might lead to their disinterest in your class or course. Hence, make sure that the communication is clear. You can avoid using jargon, adopt a warm tone and use short sentences.

3. Navigate Your Learning Management System

Take a look at your learning management system from a student’s point of view. Is it easily understandable? Should there be any chances to be made? Is every information on the platform unambiguous? Question yourself and make changes if required.

4. Using Visual Elements

Use charts, infographics, etc., to explain topics. It does not mean that you will have to use it for every single topic that you teach but use it whenever necessary so that it becomes easier to teach and also, more understandable to the learners.

5. FAQs Section

A section for the frequently asked questions helps clear a lot of doubts and confusion of most of the students. You make it easier for students to find an answer to their problems. They will not have to bother anyone or reach out to your team for some basic questions. This makes them independent learners. Also, you will receive fewer emails asking for doubt clearance. Hence, you will be able to focus your time and energy on some other task.

Simplifying your online teaching approach does not only make work less stressful for you but also lowers confusion among students, increases overall clarity and above all, makes your online teaching more effective.

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