Here’s a quick run-through of the most common benefits of applying windshield decals to amplify your business 

Signage is an integral aspect of your promotional marketing endeavors. There are various types of sings that provide numerous benefits to your business. A very underrated and underutilized business signage is windshield decals. These window decals are an economic way of enhancing your brand visibility, business merit, and attracting potential customers.

  • Window decals are a very affordable advertising tool. They are an ideal choice for commercial storefront advertising and car stickers.
  • Car window promotions have a low cost for each impression. Additionally, they don’t require city codes or permits, saving a lot of time and money.
  • They serve a great purpose in promoting discounts, new events, product launches, and any new information.
  • You can use these decals as supportive or secondary branding as well. Exterior and interior vinyl decals form an aesthetic branding to any storefront, lobby, or office.
  • Windows are an ideal place to showcase your brand and channelize your branding strategy.
  • When you use the decals in sync with other outdoor signage, they can offer a professional and sleek look.

Increasing brand awareness

The purpose of marketing isn’t always to drive an immediate sale. On many occasions, the aim is to get your name out there and create a brand awareness. This awareness is the extent to which your target audience or the general public is aware of your brand.

  • Covering a plain and bland car window with windshield decals and colorful graphics is a great way to advertise your products and services.
  • The decals contain your company’s name, address, and logo, and every other brand aspect that helps in bolstering your business.
  • Anyone who drives past your car or passes it can see your brand’s visual display.
  • You can show the location of your business to passerby and other motorists. In addition to the brand awareness, it directs people where to go to get your products or/and services.
  • Windshield graphics offer a great advantage in displaying your business’ physical location.
  • While a door signage may be visible from a certain distance, persons across the parking lot or down the sidewalk may not be able to notice it.
  • To grab their attention, you need windshield graphics, which are the ideal way to let people know where your business is.

Curiosity, consistency and sustainability

If your window display can impress passerby, but they cannot necessarily view everything it conveys, they are more likely to head inside our store to check out the products. You’ll find that windshield decals encourage customers to search about your brand.

  • These decals are very sustainable and flexible. They don’t need to be permanent. The decals contain many substrates, which allow an easy installation and removal.
  • They are ideal for promotional or seasonal changes. You can now use non-PVC material to ensure a flawless recycling.
  • You can also use the opaque decals in place of traditional vinyl to create a stunning display.

After applying an awe-inspiring window display, it pays off to sustain the theme with beautiful wall vinyl. You can choose custom floor viny and witty point of sale images to do so.

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