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Poetry has always been a powerful medium to convey emotions, thoughts, and philosophical insights. Munir Niazi, a prominent Pakistani poet, has left an indelible mark on Urdu literature through his profound verses. One of his most celebrated poems, “Hamesha Dair Kar Deta Hoon,” encapsulates the essence of human procrastination and the myriad emotions that surround it. This article delves into the beauty and depth of this poem while highlighting its relevance in the context of human nature and contemporary society.

Poem: “Hamesha Dair Kar Deta Hoon” (Urdu):

ہمیشہ دیر کر دیتا ہوں میں، ہر کام کرنے میں
ضروری بات کہنی ہو کوئی وعدہ نبھانا ہو
اسے آواز دینی ہو، اسے واپس بلانا ہو
ہمیشہ دیر کر دیتا ہوں میں
مدد کرنی ہو اس کی، یار کی ڈھارس بندھانا ہو
بہت دیرینہ رستوں پر کسی سے ملنے جانا ہو
بدلتے موسموں کی سیر میں دل کو لگانا ہو
کسی کو یاد رکھنا ہو، کسی کو بھول جانا ہو
ہمیشہ دیر کر دیتا ہوں میں
کسی کو موت سے پہلے کسی غم سے بچانا ہو
حقیقت اور تھی کچھ اس کو جا کے يہ بتانا ہو
ہمیشہ دیر کر دیتا ہوں میں

منیر نیازی


Munir Niazi’s “Hamesha Dair Kar Deta Hoon” resonates deeply with readers due to its universal theme—the tendency to procrastinate, postpone, and delay important matters. Through these seemingly simple lines, Niazi captures the complexities of human behavior and psychology. The poem serves as a mirror reflecting our own struggles with inertia and reluctance to confront life’s challenges head-on.

The poet’s choice of words and rhythm creates a musicality that intensifies the impact of the message. Each stanza is concise yet pregnant with meaning, inviting readers to reflect on their own lives. The phrase “بغیر سوچے سمجھے” (without contemplating) highlights the impulsive nature of our actions and decisions, which often stem from a lack of foresight.

The poem’s refrain, “میں تو جانتا ہوں کہ میں خود کو پیار کرتا ہوں” (I know, I love myself), is a poignant realization that amidst all the delays and avoidance, the speaker acknowledges their self-worth. This recognition adds a layer of self-compassion to the poem, reminding readers that despite their flaws, they are deserving of love and understanding.

Relevance in Contemporary Society:

In today’s fast-paced world, the theme of procrastination remains as relevant as ever. The digital age has introduced a plethora of distractions, making it even easier for individuals to put off important tasks. The poem serves as a gentle admonition, urging us to pause and assess our actions. It reminds us that self-awareness and self-love are essential tools for combating procrastination.

Moreover, the poem’s brevity and simplicity make it highly shareable in the age of social media. Its succinct verses can act as daily reminders for individuals striving to overcome procrastination and prioritize their responsibilities.

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Munir Niazi’s “Hamesha Dair Kar Deta Hoon” is a timeless gem that encapsulates the intricate emotions surrounding procrastination. Through its eloquent verses, the poem touches upon the human tendency to delay and evade, ultimately leading to self-reflection and understanding. This poetic masterpiece not only serves as a mirror reflecting our own behavior but also as a guiding light to navigate the challenges of modern life. As we immerse ourselves in Niazi’s words, let us remember that acknowledging our worth and embracing self-discipline are the first steps toward breaking the chains of procrastination and living a more fulfilling life.

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