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What is FPA in Lesco Electricity Bill – All You Should Know

FPA in lesco

Lesco is one of the electricity providers in nearby cities of Lahore which includes Lahore, Sheikhupura, Okara and Kasur. Every month you receive a bill from lesco have you ever wondered what is FPA in Lesco Bill?

What is FPA in Lesco Electricity Bill?

FPA stands for fuel price adjustment and this price is added to every bill your receive by lesco or any other company. This price changes from months to months and it also depends upon fuel prices currently in the country.

FPA Rates

Here you can see the FPA rates which are used and you can get a reference from the image below.

fpa rates

Now if in simple words you had a bill of 1000 RS and 400 is the FPA this means the amount spend on fuel for producing this electricity is the FPA.

Normally Lesco charges you around 1.881 /KWh  net FPA on the bill.

How To Get Electricity

We get electricity in four steps. The first step is the generation where electricity is produced now this can be any process either using fuel or thermal or solar energy. The second step is transmission in this processing electricity is transmitted within the country using towers.

The third step is a distribution to houses and the last step is utilization according to the need for a house.

Hidden Charges

Along with normal charges, there are also other charges which you had to pay with your bill includes E.D, TV Fee, GST and some more.

Lesco Bill Duplicate Online

Ufone Internet Package Good Night – Enjoy Whole Night

Ufone Internet Package Good Night

Ufone in Pakistan has well recognized due to its packages weather it is an internet package, on-net and off-net packages, SMS packages or all-in packages. Ufone has always been the best throughout these years.

Now keeping in mind the demand of customers Ufone has introduced another package that is known as Ufone Mega Internet Offer. This offer is second to none, as it is providing more MB’s at less price.

Ufone brought this offer for its new customers. In this offer, you can get 2 GB internet for just rupee 15. You can utilize this offer in a limited time. This offer starts at 1 AM and ends at 8 AM. So you have a huge bracket of time of 7 Hours.

You can subscribe to this offer 7 days a week. Which means that you can enjoy your Mega Nights with Ufone daily. You can use your favourite apps without worrying about MB’s whole night. Or you can watch or download any movie you want to.

Ufone is striving hard to give its customers the best experience of internet services. And this Mega Internet Offer will surely be loved by those youngsters who keep awake at nights or office workers who work from home late at night. For Example Freelancers.

How to Subscribe to Mega Internet Offer

Ufone had made everything easy for its customers. To subscribe to this Mega Internet Offer you just have to dial *550# on your phone which is the easiest way to subscribe to this offer. Another way to for subscription is to visit Ufone’s official website

You’ll find this on their website. What you just need to do is to enter your mobile number the rest will be done automatically by the company. You just need to have RS 15 in your account.

Terms and Conditions

There are a few terms and conditions to subscribe to Ufone Mega Internet Package. If you are eligible for the following terms and conditions, you can proceed to subscribe to this Mega Offer.

  • You must remember that the beginning time for this offer is 1 AM and expiry time is 8 AM.
  • Only pre-paid customers are eligible for this offer. No post-paid customer will be entertained through this package.
  • This bucket of the internet is valid for both 2G and 3G services. So if you’re having 2G services no need to worry Ufone takes care of its every single customer.
  • This product allows you to have multiple subscriptions.
  • You can check your remaining resources of this offer by dialing *706#.
  • Last thing to be remembered that your SIM card is your identity. So only use the SIM that’s been issued through Biometric Verification.