The Benefits of Choosing Certified Organic Baby Formula

Organic farming may be the key to producing milk with a more desirable fatty acid composition. The type of season and method used in production can affect how high or low certain fats are on your breakfast cereal menu, so it’s important not just for nutritional purposes but also economic ones as well.

Advantage Of Organic Baby Formula:

Organic Milk Last Longer

Organic lasts significantly longer than normal milk, despite the fact that both have identical nutrition and serve the same purpose. Organic milk goes through a procedure termed “ultra-pasteurization,” which involves heating it to 280°F for 2 seconds instead of 161°F for 15 seconds as normal milk does. It can survive 40 to 60 days after opening, compared to 15 to 17 days for regular milk pasteurised at a lower temperature. So, if you’re having trouble with your milk spoiling before you finish it, organic milk might be worth a shot.

More Nutrional:

The lack of concrete evidence to suggest that organic milk and foods in general are significantly more nutritious than their conventional counterparts has led many scientists around the world, including Dr. Maria Azzarone who specializes in nutrition at University College London (UK), recommend choosing an alternative over regularity dairy products because it is better for your health.

The Standards Of Production:

The cows that produce organic milk must be managed as such for one year before they can start producing it. According to USDA guidelines, this means only feeding them certified organic feed and not allowing them access antibiotics or hormones so their health remains stable at all times.The Organic Milk Producers Must Live Up To The standards Of Production.

Resembling Breast Milk:

The best organic formulae go the extra mile by close to resembling breast milk’s nutritional profile. This involves using organic lactose as the primary carbohydrate source, as well as an organic vegetable oil blend that contains many of the fatty acids found in milk.

Whey is added to a lot of organic formulas. This aligns the protein ratio with the whey and casein ratios in breast milk.

Prebiotics and Probiotics

To mimic the immunity-boosting qualities of breast milk, prebiotics and probiotics are frequently added. Prebiotics like galacto-oligosaccharides are similar to human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), while probiotics like Lactobacillus, as well as other types of lactic acid bacteria, are typically found in breast milk. Kendamil Organic, the only European formula containing naturally occurring HMOs, is also available (probiotic). HMOs in breast milk are important for the establishment of a healthy intestinal bacteria, which has been linked to a lower risk of infection and allergies, as well as improved brain development.

Organic Formula Provides Essential Nutrients

Although both organic and conventional cow’s milk have equivalent quantities of calcium, potassium, and salt, organic cow’s milk has more polyunsaturated fatty acids. Iodine and selenium levels are lower in organic milk, while calories are slightly greater. When you’re a dairy cattle farmer, it’s important that your herd is managed organically at least one year before they produce milk. This ensures the cows have been fed with certified organic feed and cannot be injected or given antibiotics in any way which would affect their quality of life negatively when being raised on this type land use arrangement.

Bottom Line

The researchers behind this study found that organic milk contains more heart-healthy fatty acids than regular. One reason? It’s sustainably produced, meaning there are no artificial ingredients or hormones used in production. Organic farming and dairy techniques are good for the environment, even if it’s just because pesticides, antibiotics, hormone, and other chemically synthesized substances are used less.

What Causes Acute Neck Pain

About 1 in 3 people a year will suffer from neck pain. Neck pain can either be acute, or chronic. Acute neck pain is when your neck hurts for short periods of time, but after time, and some treatment, the pain eventually goes away. Chronic neck pain, however, is neck pain that lasts for more than 3 months. Both types of neck pain can really detract from everyday life. It can take away our ability to connect with others, to concentrate, or to even complete physical tasks that would have otherwise been easy for you to complete. So, what is the cause of acute neck pain?

Sleeping on Neck in Awkward Positions

It is very common to experience acute neck pain after sleeping on your neck in an awkward position. In fact, that is the most common cause of acute neck pain in people. When your neck stays kinked throughout the whole night, it is very common to experience pain as a side effect. This type of neck pain can be fixed with massages, over the counter pain relief, or even correcting your sleeping form. It has been shown that sleeping on your side over a long period of time can put your body out of alignment. It is important to fix that way that you are sleeping so that your neck will not have pain all the time.


After getting into a car accident, it is very common to have whiplash. Whiplash is when your head and neck are jolted quickly which results in tiny muscle tears that will cause pain as you go throughout your life. A good way to get this pain relieved would be to visit your local physical therapist. Neck pain specialists know just how to help you if you have suffered from neck pain that is due to whiplash. They will help you with exercises that you can do to stretch and strengthen your neck to help the muscles feel better.

Hunching over a Computer all Day

Office jobs have really increased the frequency of neck pain in people. Sitting at a desk the whole day and hunching over a computer is a big contributor to acute neck pain. This can also happen as people are hunched over their phones all day. These examples of bad posture can really cause a sore neck due to the improper way of holding the body. It is important to take breaks throughout the day from sitting and taking a bathroom, or just a small break to make sure that your posture is not bad all day while you are at work. It is also important that when you get home you are not spending all your time hunched over your phone, as that will have the same effect on your neck.


Although neck pain is bothersome, it is important to know some of the causes. That way you can be careful in your sleeping positions, as well as the way that you sit at your computer desk, to help prevent future neck pain.



Caregivers Dealing with Childhood Obesity

Caregivers must prioritize the physical and psychological health of the child. If they notice that the child is gaining weight and lacks physical activities, they must consult a child specialist at Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital. The specialist will; determine the cause and provide a guideline that will help the child stay active and healthy.

What can cause the child to become obese?

The risk factors that contribute to childhood obesity are:

  •         Way of Consuming Food: Children who consume high-calorie food are more likely to have a higher BMI. Caregivers who reinforce the child with sweets regularly are more likely to become obese and suffer from sleeping disorders.
  •         Lack of Physical Exertion: It is essential that the child engages in physical activities and plays outdoor to maintain physical and psychological health. Lack of physical exertion contributes to obesity.
  •         Family Influence: If the parents and other family members are in a habit of consuming high-calorie food on daily basis; then the child will follow in their footsteps of them. It will contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle, leading to poor psychological and physical health.
  •         Stressors: Stress correlates with hormonal changes and obesity. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on the child and provide help.
  •         Use of Certain Medications: Some medications such as lithium,amitriptyline, and paroxetine affect body weight.

What are the complications associated with childhood obesity?

The complications that correlate with childhood obesity include:

  •         Higher Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: The high consumption of sugar can lead to diabetes in the early years. It can contribute to further complications.
  •         Heart Problems: Obese people suffer from high cholesterol and blood pressure. Without lifestyle modification, the patient is at a higher risk of suffering from a heart attack or a stroke.
  •         Joint Pain: The extra weight exerts pressure on the joints and affects the functioning of the body.
  •         Sleep Apnea: Obesity can cause breathing issues. It can lead to sleep apnea and affect the overall functioning of the individual.
  •         Liver Damage: Due to excessive deposition of fat in the liver, the patient is more prone to develop liver disease.
  •         Peer Pressure Leading to Anxiety and Body Dysmorphia: The peer pressure of appearing pretty can cause anxiety, and the child may suffer from body dysmorphia affecting the overall mental health.

What is the role of caregivers that can help the child get healthier?

Caregivers play an important role in helping the child develop healthy eating habits. The caregivers must:

  •         Set a Routine for Physical Activities: The caregivers should provide a healthy and productive environment for the child. It will help their social, cognitive, and physical growth.
  •         Include Organic Foods in Diet: Rather than using processed food, the parents should provide the child with fruits and vegetables as snacks and proper meals.
  •         Keep an Eye on the Social Activities of the child: Obesity can cause stress, social isolation, and body dysmorphia. Therefore, the family must provide support to the child.

Parents who feel that their child is struggling with physical problems that correlate with their body weight must consult the best child specialist in Karachi. The specialist will conduct tests to understand the cause and provide treatment options accordingly.