Ufone Net Package One Day – Enjoy Whole Day

Ufone Net Package One Day

If you’re low on balance or maybe you’re low on your internet resources or you need such packages that can accommodate you for ONE day, then you’re on correct network i.e. UFONE. Ufone facilitates its users at its best, unlike any other telecommunication network.

By introducing these one-day packages for both 2G and 3G users Ufone has stolen the hearts of millions. These one-day packages cost as low as RS 5 and range up to RS 12, depending on time and number of MB’s given in the package.

If you want to subscribe to UFONE daily internet package Ufone gives you a variety of options so you can choose the package according to your demand and usage. One Day internet offerings by Ufone are listed below

Ufone Net Package One Day

Here are some amazing ONE Day Ufone Internet Offers by Ufone for its users:


Package Price Detail Validity Activation Code
Daily Light RS.10 40 MB Plus( 400 MB What’s app, Twitter, Facebook, Line) 1 Day *2256#
Daily Heavy RS.15 75 MBs Plus ( 500 MBs What’s app, Twitter, Facebook, Line ) 1 Day *2258#
Ufone Night Package (1 A.M – 9 P.M) RS.5 50 MBs Plus ( 500 MBs What’s app, Twitter, Facebook, Line ) 1 Day *3461#
Mega Internet Bucket ( 1 A.M – 8 A.M ) RS.12 2048 MBs 1 Day *550#


These affordable packages will not put any burden on your pocket and will allow you to enjoy High-Speed 3G internet for one day. These packages can be subscribed anywhere, anytime and will raise your enjoyment to the next level.


In order to subscribe to these affordable one-day packages, you need to keep in mind and must fulfil some terms and conditions by Ufone:

  • All subscription buckets are for pre-paid customers. No post-paid customer will be entertained through these packages.
  • You can also subscribe to these buckets by just dialling *3#.
  • You can dial *706# to check the remaining balance of bucket you’ve subscribed to.
  • After the consumption of whole bucket volume, charges will be deducted according to default tariff.
  • All of the given daily internet buckets are recursive, you can unsubscribe the services by dialling the un-subscription code.
  • The same bucket can’t be subscribed multiple times.
  • Every bucket subscriber is going to have the maximum available speed. Speed of internet depends on a few factors such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers.
  • All bundle prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • Last but not the least your Ufone SIM should be biometrically verified according to the instructions, otherwise you’ll not be eligible to subscribe to any of the bundles.

Why choose Ufone daily Internet Bundles:

Ufone has acted as a pioneer in the Pakistan Telecom Industry. And from the day first till date, Ufone has never failed to satisfy its customer or has never astonished its users with its facilities.

These internet packages are easy to subscribe to, low-cost bundles, satisfy the basic need of users and most of all can be unsubscribed according to will.

LESCO Old Bill History – Get Previous Month Bill

If you are worried about the bill, you have lost, you didn’t receive or to get your old bill. There is nothing to worry because LESCO provides you with many services including LESCO old bill history. Vist the page below and get your old bill.

Click Here to Check LESCO Duplicate Bill

There are different ways by which you can get your lost or old bills.

Some are:

  • Reference Number
  • Customer ID
  • LESCO SMS Service Registration

LESCO Old Bill History

Let’s discuss all these methods one by one.

Reference Number

You can find your reference number at the top left of your bill. Now you don’t have to save your old bills just for a reference number for a long time, you just have to write your reference number and save it in your email or mobile.



How you get your old or lost bill through reference number

  • Visit “Lesco.gov.com”.
  • Select “CUSTOMER BILL”.

Add your reference number, download and print your bill.

Lesco Bill Paid History

Customer ID

Same process with this. Just you have to memorize or save your customer id to somewhere.

customer id of bill


How you get your old or lost bill through customer-id

  • Visit “ LESCO.gov.pk”.
  • Select “ Customer ID “.


Write your customer id and click the download button then you can print it.

LESCO SMS Service Registration

This service is offline, you can also check your LESCO status free of cost. Just follow the below steps :

  • Visit “ Lesco.gov.pk”.
  • Enter your customer id.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter your email and press SUBMIT.
lesco sms service
lesco sms

I hope this will help you to understand that how you can get your old or lost bills.

Before LESCO online service

bill line

Online services made our lives easy. But LESCO online services provide us with comfort and save our money and save  us from many difficulties, such as :

  • Standing in lines for hours just to submit a bill or get a duplicate bill.
  • Wasting money just to get the duplicate bill and many more.

After LESCO online service

Nowadays we don’t have to stand in line for hours just to pay our bill. We just have to open the app (which gives us this online bill submission service) and pay our bills without going anywhere.

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Lesco Tariff – All Rates You Need To Know

Do you know that LESCO has different tariffs for different connections depending upon the type of connection you are having? Well LESCO has 11 different TARIFFS for your Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and General Services.


Below are given all of the LESCO tariffs along with their types:

                TARIFF NAME                      TARIFF TYPE



SEASON                         PEAK TIMINGS             OFF-PEAK TIMINGS

DEC-FEB                        5PM- 9PM                    REMAINING 20 HRS

MAR-MAY                     6PM-10PM                             -DO-

JUN-AUG                      7PM-11PM                             -DO-

SEPT-NOV                     6PM-10PM                             -DO-


For Domestic users LESCO electricity unit price is as follows:

  • FIRST 100 UNITS PRICE = RS 12.90 / UNIT
  • AFTER 100 UNITS PRICE = RS 13.54 / UNIT

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