LESCO Bill Distributor Job

If you don’t know’ how to apply for LESCO Bill Distributor Job, don’t worry. Just follow the procedure and you are done.

  • Visit the lesco website lesco.gov.pk.
  • Log in or register.
  • At the home page, click “online jobs”.
  • Click “apply online for the job”.

lesco jobs

If you don’t know the criteria, you can click the links given in the above website.


  • At least matric pass.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Age from 18 to 20.

Only the one can apply who has a domicile of Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Kasur, and Nankana Sahib.

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Distributor Job Advertisement

LESCO doesn’t provide jobs every year. Till now, there is no job in 2020 related to bill distributor. LESCO provided jobs in 2019 and I am sharing the advertisement by which you can get the idea about everything related to the job.

lesco job add

Once you apply and then qualify the written test. LESCO upload a merit list of those who will come for an interview.


The following documents are required at the time of interview so bring them with you.

  • Interview call letter.
  • CNIC
  • Matric certificate.
  • Domicile
  • Passport size photographs (2).

Those candidates who don’t have their original documents with them will not be considered for an interview.

LESCO Bill Distributor Job Information

LESCO provides a good opportunity for a matric pass man. Working hours of this job is fixed and also a good amount as a salary.

LESCO Test Preparation

This test is conducted by NTS every year. The efficient method to prepare for paper is to do preparation from LESCO Bill Distributor past papers and their related jobs past papers.

LESCO Bill Information

There is a lot of information related to LESCO bills. Some of the major and frequently asked:

  • Why LESCO provides jobs of bill distributor?

LESCO introduced online bill checking, paying, and duplicate online bill services so why they need bill distributors?

As sometimes, the bill is not received by some of the homes in restricted areas by bill distributors so those who don’t receive, they get their duplicate bill online from the website.

What if someone doesn’t have internet or smartphone?

That’s why LESCO needs bill distributors because not everyone has internet or smartphones.

  • LESCO Online bill information

If you want to check your bill online there are simple and some steps, which are written below:

  • Just visit lesco.gov.pk.
  • select “customer bill”.
  • Enter your reference number (at the top left of your LESCO bill )
  • Click download or print.
  • You are done.

You can also check your bill through customer id (at the top left of the bill) and you can also download or print your old bill which you have lost or your current month bill which you didn’t receive.

Payment of LESCO bill online

There are different apps that provide you with online bill payment services. To know, how you can pay your online bill, click the link below

Pay LESCO Bill Online

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LESCO Old Bill History

If you are worried about the bill, you have lost, you didn’t receive or to get your old bill. There is nothing to worry because LESCO provides you with many services including LESCO old bill history.

There are different ways by which you can get your lost or old bills.

Some are:

  • Reference Number
  • Customer ID
  • LESCO SMS Service Registration

LESCO Old Bill History

Let’s discuss all these methods one by one.

Reference Number

You can find your reference number at the top left of your bill. Now you don’t have to save your old bills just for a reference number for a long time, you just have to write your reference number and save it in your email or mobile.



How you get your old or lost bill through reference number

  • Visit “Lesco.gov.com”.
  • Select “CUSTOMER BILL”.

Add your reference number, download and print your bill.

Lesco Bill Paid History

Customer ID

Same process with this. Just you have to memorize or save your customer id to somewhere.

customer id of bill


How you get your old or lost bill through customer-id

  • Visit “ LESCO.gov.pk”.
  • Select “ Customer ID “.


Write your customer id and click the download button then you can print it.

LESCO SMS Service Registration

This service is offline, you can also check your LESCO status free of cost. Just follow the below steps :

  • Visit “ Lesco.gov.pk”.
  • Enter your customer id.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter your email and press SUBMIT.
lesco sms service
lesco sms

I hope this will help you to understand that how you can get your old or lost bills.

Before LESCO online service

bill line

Online services made our lives easy. But LESCO online services provide us with comfort and save our money and save  us from many difficulties, such as :

  • Standing in lines for hours just to submit a bill or get a duplicate bill.
  • Wasting money just to get the duplicate bill and many more.

After LESCO online service

Nowadays we don’t have to stand in line for hours just to pay our bill. We just have to open the app (which gives us this online bill submission service) and pay our bills without going anywhere.

LESCO Bill Calculator

Lesco Bill Calculator

If you are worried about getting an idea how can you calculate your LESCO bill? No need to worry. At the end of this page, you will get LESCO Bill Calculator simply use that and calculate your lesco bill. You can also read below steps to find out how it’s done.

In order to calculate Lesco bill one should be familiar with few terms that are associated with “Lesco bill eliminator”.  There are nine major steps to perform during calculations which are as follows.


At first, you should know what your bill type is. If you’re not familiar with bill type check TARIFF in your bill and you will figure out your bill type i.e. A1 (01), A1(03). There are majorly 11 different types of Tariff which are distributed as Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and General services.


In this, you’ve to figure out whether you have a Single Phase or a Three Phase connection.


Now, you’ve to add the number of units that you’ve used which can be in three units

  1. Kilowatt Hour (KWH)
  2. Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hours (KVARH)
  3. Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI)

Moreover, there are two fields of units which are PEAK and OFF-PEAK you need to identify both of them in order to get accuracy in your calculations.


You’ll add up your meter rent only if it’s applicable on your “TARIFF”.


Same is for service rent if it’s applicable on your plan that you have to provide how much you’ve to pay for your services.


Enter areas in the field.


Here you have to add up the number of TV sets that are currently functioning on your LESCO connection.

You’ve to perform an additional step that would be checking or on-checking below options:

  1. STRN Available
  2. Sales Tax for Retailers Exempt
  3. ED Exempt
  4. GST Exempt
  5. IT Exempt
  6. ETax Exempt
  7. Additional Sales Tax to Marble and Granite Industry


Finally, after adding all of the mentioned information into Lesco bill calculator just hit on the press button and it’ll result in the estimated amount of your bill.

Calculate LESCO Bill
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